Welcome to No Shelf Required, an award-winning blog on all things digital content in the context of publishing, higher education, and libraries. Since 2008, NSR has been an online source of information for publishers, scholars, librarians, authors, researchers, and educators. The blog’s goal remains to inform all in the ecosystem of scholarly communications, publishing, education, and libraries about the ongoing digital transformation of content and ways in which it shapes are present as well as the ffuture.

NSR is produced and managed by  Mirela Roncevic (Ph.D., Information & Communications Sciences), an expert on digital publishing, content development, information science, and Open Access, with a long history of working with organizations and companies advancing the pillars of information science, librarianship, and publishing. Mirela’s doctoral and post-doctoral research explored the sustainability of Open Access publishing in the context of various business models, and her main research interests include the impact and evolution of Open Access publishing as well as the impact of open national libraries. 

NSR has been the host of numerous webinars, workshops and e-courses, including those in partnership with the American Library Association (ALA). ALA is also the publisher of the third book in the “No Shelf Required” series of books exploring the development of digital content, The New Era for Ebooks and Digital Content and several Library Technology Reports, including Digital Rights Management and Books and One Country One Library.

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