YBP Customers can now Purchase Gale Titles

Great news from Gale/Cengage and YBP (Baker & Taylor).  GVRL, LitCrit and Gale Directory titles can now be purchased through YBP services.  This is wonderful news and comes on the heels of the recenet B&T and ebrary partnership.  Clearly publishers and aggregators are finally working together to make purchasing ebooks as seamless as the print book.  It’s about time!  What is unclear in the press release is the pricing of Gale titles.  Typically these are sold on a Tier model, based on FTE.  I’ll post more once I hear about the pricing.

One thought on “YBP Customers can now Purchase Gale Titles”

  1. Hi Sue-

    Thanks for the post. Just want to confirm that we will be using the same pricing model through YBP as we do through Gale. Customers can expect the same pricing through both options. We’re just trying to make it easier to find and purchase Gale titles by forming an alliance with YBP, a great company. This makes a lot of sense for our customers, who appreciate the ease of ordering and the numerous services YBP offers.

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