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In addition to its regular news posts, NSR has recently expanded its coverage to include reviews and opinion pieces written by industry insiders of all walks of life: writers, editors, librarians, educators, publishers, vendors, independent authors, and tech entrepreneurs, to name a few.  Some creatively draw our attention to the issues, while others offer perspectives on what various statistics tell us about the state of the larger book industry. Some question the very definition of ebooks and their relationships to other types of books (e.g., audiobooks, short stories), while others draw our attention to what we may be overlooking in the process, such as, for example, the crucial role readers play in the survival of books in digital format.

The goal of an opinion piece (circa 1000 words) is to focus on new ideas and possibilities, discuss trends, point to reasons why things are the way they are, and offer solutions to what may to be holding us back from transforming the world from one that ‘struggles’ with ebooks (and econtent in general) to the one that fully embraces them and taps into their potential. Contributors  address a specific audience as both insiders and outsiders with clear arguments and purpose (please read NSR’s Mission page for more information on NSR’s vision).

NSR does not accept or publish pieces that  mainly serve to promote brands or organizations. Names of products or companies may be used sparingly and as examples of noteworthy ideas or initiatives but not as a means to merely advertise a product or a service.

Contributors may be employees of any company or organization producing, managing, distributing, and repurposing content—public or private; profit or non-profit—and their opinions, while drawn from professional experience, remain their own, not of the organizations they are affiliated with or No Shelf Required and its contributors.

If interested

Send a proposal to Editorial Director, Mirela Roncevic, at mirelaroncevic@gmail.com.

For inspiration, you may explore The Best of NSR category on the homepage, which lists articles singled out for their quality as well as originality, all aiming to provoke, challenge, and inspire us to think deeper and aim higher with ebooks and econtent.


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