U. S. Digital Textbook Sales To Rise Dramatically

There is an interesting article by Rob Reynolds from the Xplanation blog analyzing the future of digital textbook sales.  With a current market share of 1%, digital textbook sales are projected to have 18% market share by 2014, according to Reynolds.  He summarizes the influences and trends for this change as such:

Within the general publishing and education markets, the growth of digital textbook sales will be influenced by the following factors:

* Digital textbook and e-content pricing
* Availability of digital textbook content
* Advances in technology related specifically to digital textbooks
* Intensified focus on integration of textbook/instruction with student outcomes
* Increased growth of online learning
* Rise in open educational resources and their use

In addition, the increase in e-textbook sales will be driven by a series of hardware and technology trends. These include:

* Success of the iPad and the tablet form factor in general
* Increased sales of netbooks and the success of Chrome OS for netbooks
* Proliferation and continued popularity of e-reader devices and e-reader platforms
* Growth of the smartphone market

Thanks to Michelle Harper from OCLC for tweeting about this.

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