TOC – Tim O’Reilly Keynote

Tim O’Reilly Keynote

Your job as a publisher is to do things for authors that they can’t do for themselves.

Remember what you really do, it may not be the cool/sexy stuff, it’s the boring stuff and you have to be good at those things in this era.  If not, someone else will take your place.

It’s hard to get found (as an author), picture “search over one million books” on a website (needle in haystack). Everyone ran to be a blogger, but the top blogs are done by publishers b/c they bring more exposure to individual authors. Each new medium brings about this problem – FB, Twitter, blogs, etc.  It’s all in the math. (Jared Diamond: From Egalitarianism to Kleptocracy in Guns, Germs and Steel pp 286-287.)

Your mission is to get more visibility and sales to authors then they can get on their own.  You must be good at digital distribution.  Sell through all of the ebook channels.

Minimum viable product concept – learn as quickly as possible what the market wants, (referenced the blog, Lessons Learned).  We need to collect the maximum amount of information about customers at the most minimal cost and effort.   You must be capable of creating a product in new formats and sell it into emerging channels.

Marketing – social media marketing is obviously big. You gain and bestow status through those you associate with in social marketing.  RT (retweet is very important) As a publisher it is up to you to bestow the status on your authors.  Don’t focus only on you or your product. Promote your  people (authors), not products.  Social media is a great way to get through the haystacks. ebooks know who is reading them.  analytics will help field what products, channels, prices are working, who is spreading the word and what readers think.  The secret of social media is that it’s not about you, your product, or your story.  It’s about adding value. If you want to have an impact, think about what you can contribute.  The more value you create for your community, the more value they will create for you.

Create more value than you capture.