TOC – Online Marketing, What is Working to Move Units

TOC – The real title of this presentation is…. So an Author, a Publisher, and a Reader Walk into a Bar…  Feb. 24

Speakers:  Malle Vallik, eHARLEQUIN, and Bob Carlton, LibreDigital

Bob and Malle discussed online marketing and what is working to move units. They felt this would be a great conversation in a bar, thus the title. Some highlights from the session are below.

  • What influenced your buying behavior? Bowker asks every year in a survey – last year, 30% said they were influenced by online marketing.
  • Hand selling drives unit sales – publishers have known this all along, but now research finally confirms this
  • more people get pointed to content via Facebook than with search engines
  • 400 million active FB users, 100 million of them are active in a mobile environment
  • Harlequin sent flip cameras to several dedicated romance novel readers and asked them to video why they liked/read the books.  Several of the clips of these videos were shown during the session.  One was a video of a woman discussing when she read romance novels.  On her eReader one hour before the kids wake up, one hour at lunch, on my iPhone in the car waiting to pick up the kids, on the iPhone at night before bed…yadda yadda.  She then asks, why do you make me a felon to read my content across all of these platforms?
  • How do you quantify the ROI with social networking? How do you track the publicity of pre-pub buzz – Malle said the fact that you have it is good and to think of this as a dynamic back cover blurb – several samples of comments from readers on social networking sites were then shown.
  • What’s great about your eReading device?  SONY b/c eInk is good, iPhone for backlight, store a lot of books and instant gratification, you can hide what you are reading.
  • eGalley’s – how do you protect them?  How do you target these to users?  Two toughest problems.
  • In a BISG study, the number one problem reported from eReaders – why aren’t you giving me a choice?  I thought this was going to be better than print. Bob recommends purchasing the BISG study.

Slides from the presentation are available, Bob gave verbal permission to send them to friends/share/plagiarize.  I’ll link to them soon.

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