TOC – Ignite (5 minute sessions)

Ignite offers individuals 5 minutes to speak about a particular topic or to promote a product.  At TOC a series of speakers participated in ignite.  A selection of summaries are below.

Erin with Smartwords from wordnik – get and share information about words; digital words know things (where they are, where they came from, who created them, who they are hanging out with, etc); ask a word about themselves and they can answer you’ll have a closer experience b/t readers and the content/devices; the words have to be smart; a standard, enabling powerful APIs – – email them with ideas on what can be published in this open standard

Lisa Daly – ibis reader – Threepress Consulting – web based ebook reader focused on the mobile reading experience with any internet connected device. What does it mean for a book to become a citizen on the net?  They become autonomous, they know about their existence on the web; ebooks can have a back cover which leads you to a sequel or other information or tell you about their reader.  They want ideas for things that a book can become wants its digital, visit them at:

Judy Schwartz – slow publishing – all local production, nothing is outsourced, it keeps money in the community and light on the environment b/c books are only transported and printed when needed.  The secret of slow publishing is that it’s really fast – move from manuscript to book in minutes (once it’s formatted).

Peter Collingridge – App Analytics – feedback loop b/t marketing efforts and the users, data trumps intuition, they track every single feature to see what has worked based on their intuition, get analytics now, collect the data you get and be prepared to act on the information you find

Emma Barnes – creating a catalogue automatically, take ONIX xml and convert it into the language understood by InDesign; look in your organizations to see if there is a way to automated it,,