TOC – Augmented Reality

TOC – Augmented Reality and You, Christine Perey, Perey Research and Consulting, Feb. 24

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AR is often confused with visual search like google goggles or Nokia point & find, Ricoh iCandy, or kooaba interactive print. ( goggles, it’s confused b/c a person can take a a picture of a book cover and then the search engine actually brought back results. The publisher didn’t do anything in this instance).

What is AR?

  • it’s not one technology, it’s a complex group of technologies that allow us to bring the digital domain back into the real world, an intersection b/t the digital and real world
  • highly compelling, virtually endless SET of technology assisted experiences
  • part of the real time web
  • real time information being overlayed on the real world (ie. using your mobile device with GPS, compass, images to obtain more info)
  • they have triggers in the real world – explicit or inplicit
  • Without content the devices are just toys

Mobile AR Users today

  • over 1 million, based on the download of an AR application or browser
  • why do they use it?  novelty, to be cool, for information, to discover a service or friend
  • In order for this to be more than a novelty there needs to be a real experience

Why AR now?

  • handset networks, social cultural trends, digital conent, ambient information is leading us to have a contextually aware environment that overlays
  • mobile relies on location based triggers and cloud based data, PC based rely on markers – this will change markers will disappear with the recognition of ever day objects and people and the user experience will improve with active matrix organic LED
  • What will the next device look like?  eyewear with cameras integrated?

What is in the Mobile/AR Ecosystem?

  • Digital World – Physcial World
  • the user is in the middle
  • social media
  • companies that do packaging discovery and delivery – they integrate the components
  • providers of enabling technology (chip companies)
  • Christine had a really nice slide to demo this.  I’ll try to get permission to repost it.