The world’s first virtual reality book series launches exclusively at Walmart

Reading continues to evolve right before our eyes. We saw this coming, and now it’s arrived. A children’s book series which combines traditional print with AR and VR to drive engagement and to ultimately get today’s young readers to read in ways native to them (not us). This means using technology to bring literature to them  with a whole new approach.–Ed.

From Quantum Storey Company, Inc.

An exciting new children’s publishing venture is launching exclusively today at Walmart that will combine the tradition of illustrated printed books with the dynamic, self-directed action of virtual reality. The Quantum Storey Company, publisher of the disruptive, new book series, Operation YOU®, which insightfully addresses the highs and lows of growing up today, is hitting the shelves exclusively at Walmart, reaching millions of families in time for the holiday season.

Blending “old school” and new, Quantum Storey’s new category of Virtual Reality Books have the potential to transform both the publishing and nascent augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) content markets.

Watch promotional video here.

The Operation YOU series is written in the first person and supported by virtual reality, making it the perfect medium for the reader to emotionally connect with the characters and storyline in an impactful way. The first Operation YOU title, “Morning Nightmare,” depicts the pitfalls and pressures experienced boarding the school bus.

As middle readers turn the pages of the printed book, Ray, a major character in the series, invites them to download the free app., and use the included VR goggle to “Take the Quantum Leap™” and portal INSIDE the story. Once in the book, readers experience what happens in the first person, as the primary character is YOU, the reader. Dodge a snowball, will yourself on the bus, seek out courage as you learn how to build trust – all through the wonders of VR and Operation YOU.

Each Quantum Storey enables the reader to strengthen and build essential skills in a safe virtual world – so they will be more prepared to make better life decisions under the demands and social pressures of the real world.

“We created a completely new and exciting way to experience traditional books by enabling readers the unprecedented ability to connect emotionally to the text and illustrations by transporting inside a virtual representation of the pages of a story, producing a visceral interaction,” says J. M Haines, founder and CEO of The Quantum Storey Company and author of the Operation YOU series. “Debuting with Walmart for the launch of Operation YOU, provides an incredible opportunity to introduce this next level of storytelling and consumer technology to children from all walks of life, bringing families of the new generation, together.”

Each Operation YOU title comes with access to a companion Android and iOS augmented and virtual reality smartphone app for the Google Cardboard platform along with a pair of virtual reality goggles. The flexi-bound books, printed on durable heavy stock and lavishly illustrated by the Visser Bros., are perfect for middle readers and are offered at a $17.49 MSRP with a $12.24 Walmart exclusive sell price.

Additional information about Quantum Storey and Operation YOU® can be at www.operationyouvr.comand on Facebook at Operation YOU and on Twitter @operationyouvr.