The [powerful] connection between digitalization, creativity and society

An interesting discussion is taking place in the Frankfurt Book Fair circles. This press release hints at the opportunities afforded to society through digitalization, To understand it fully, it helps to understand what THE ARTS+ is about.  It is “a fair, business festival and international meeting place for the culture and creative industries,” which launched in October 2016 during the Frankfurt Book Fair and will return in October 2017.

The goal is to exploit the potential of digitalization for creative content and to develop new business areas. International artists, opinion leaders and experts will present at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair innovative approaches from the fields of publishing, museums, architecture and design, brands and agencies.

Publishing professionals and librarians can draw inspiration from such discussions as they may lead them in the direction of new partnerships, collaborations, and initiatives with ebooks and econtent, particularly (but not limited to) those promoting visual arts.

Full press release below.

THE ARTS+ examines the relationship between digitalization, creativity and society

Frankfurt, 12 July 2017 – How is the culture and creative industries sector reinventing itself in the age of digitalization? And what are the options for the current and future work of art institutions and artists? These questions were the focus of two conversations in London (5 July) and Berlin (7 July) ahead of this year’s edition of the THE ARTS+ business festival, which will take place during the Frankfurter Buchmesse (11-15 October 2017). Holger Volland, founder of THE ARTS+, spoke to experts from the culture and creative sector about their daily professional lives.
Reinventing culture: In search of the right digital strategy

Online art education, digitalization of collections, a profusion of publications, apps, games and social media posts – the number of communication channels through which museums currently reach their visitors around the world keeps growing. As a result, a sophisticated digital strategy is indispensable for renowned exhibition centers. On 5 July, in London, Alex Flowers, Digital Program Team Leader at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and Fiona Romeo, independent cultural consultant, reported on their experiences and showed how art educators and culture professionals can integrate and dramaturgically orchestrate various media. The event “Reinventing Culture – How the Arts Worlds Collide in the Age of Technology” was organised in cooperation with the UK industry network BookMachine.


The discussion in Berlin

On 7 July, participants in the press conference at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin took a look into the future of the culture and creative industries sector. Holger Volland, founder of THE ARTS+, traced the intersection between the creative sector and digital technology. Diane Drubay, founder of the international museum network “We Are Museums”, reported on the important role museums play in present-day and future society. She was joined by Carla and Alex of the Berlin start-up Refrakt, who showed how augmented reality can bring to life centuries-old paintings and who questioned our confidence in mobile devices. Together with the event’s participants, Robert Lehmann of Google Arts & Culture turned his gaze to Marc Chagall’s painted ceiling in the Opéra Garnier in Paris, which can be viewed in high resolution on the Google Arts & Culture app as well as online.

“The speakers gave us an insight into their daily professional lives. They were able to illustrate the opportunities digitalization offers for the culture and creative industries based on their own experiences. That made this complex and sometimes abstract topic much easier to grasp”, concludes Christian Bollert, the host of the Berlin event and managing director of This year, as media partner, will report live from THE ARTS+.

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