The Best of NSR: Technology is not the death of deep reading

The Best of NSRIn her opinion piece for No Shelf Required, Content and Media Editor at BiblioLabs Emilie Hancock argues that if we make even the smallest efforts to use technology as a means toward reading more, “we can re-establish a reading culture in the digital age.” At a time when many ‘blame’ technology for ‘killing’ reading, Emilie’s article serves as a reminder that perhaps we haven’t been looking closely enough to notice that technology can, in fact, help us to read more, not less.

This very thinking hits at the core of NSR’s mission—to draw attention to the power of ebooks and econtent to transform the world into a place where reading flows and is an integral part of life in any enlightened society. Read the full article here.

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Technology is not the death of deep reading

In the summer of 2016, National Public Radio (NPR) announced a new reason for bibliophiles to celebrate. In an article about publishers returning to serialized fiction, Serial Box Publishing Co-Founder Julian Yap reiterates an all-too-common argument for why most Americans — three quarters of us, according to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll — don’t read books: not enough time. While we have little chance of decreasing how much time we spend working, caring for family and commuting, the amount of time that could stand the most modification is leisure time…

Read the full article here.

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