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Unglue.it, an ebooks site that functions like a true participatory democracy

This week, we focus on Unglue.it, which also uses a collectivitst approach to DRM (Digital Rights Management), somewhat along the lines used by Knowledge Unlatched (the focus of Free Content Alert last week). Unglue.it was launched in 2012 and is based on the premise that small gifts by many users can free ebooks from the DRM fetters that bind them…in essence, ‘ungluing’ them in a virtual way.

The concept was to use ‘crowdsourcing’, as is done with sites such as Kickstarter and Gofundme. In contrast, Knowledge Unlatched uses membership fees paid by a consortium of academic libraries to purchase the necessary Creative Commons License (CCL)  giving access to verified members of those academic communities.  Unglue.it’s method at the outset was described by the Huffington Post here. As I understand it, authors who are independent (or otherwise hold the copyright to their work) set a fee for releasing their work as an ebook. If Unglue.it is interested in acquiring it for their collection, a fundraising campaign to reach that amount in a certain time frame is launched. Various incentives are offered for various levels of gifts, much like fundraising  for public radio and public television in the United States. Unglue.it gives details in its FAQ page. Continue reading Unglue.it, an ebooks site that functions like a true participatory democracy

Free Ebook Foundation to promote access and preservation of knowledge, literature, and culture

For immediate release. Also at http://ebookfoundation.org/

June 26, 2015. San Francisco, CA. Two projects that have been building towards a sustainable ecosystem for free ebooks have joined together in a new non-profit corporation. The Free Ebook Foundation envisions a world where ebooks will be funded, distributed and maintained for the benefit of all, by coordinating the efforts and resources of many.Unglue.it and GITenberg, the two projects to be supported by the Free Ebook Foundation, have shared the goals of making free ebooks more available while focusing on different problems.

Unglue.it launched in 2012 with a focus on sustainable funding models for freely-licensed ebooks. For the last two years, it has worked to improve the access and distribution of these books by building a database of over 1200 Creative Commons licensed ebooks. Unglue.it has been incubated by Gluejar, Inc., a privately held company founded by Eric Hellman Continue reading Free Ebook Foundation to promote access and preservation of knowledge, literature, and culture

“Thanks-for-Ungluing” official launch today

April 30, 2014 – Today marks the official launch of Unglue.it’s “Thanks for Ungluing” program. Unglue.it is “the bookstore for books that want to be free”. Unglue.it aims to compile a comprehensive database of Creative Commons licensed books while offering authors and publishers new ways to make ends meet. Continue reading “Thanks-for-Ungluing” official launch today

Unglue.it releases the first Buy-to-Unglue eBook

Last month, Unglue.it announced their new program, Buy-to-Unglue, AKA “A bookstore for books that want to be free.”  Their first title is now available.  Details are below from an Unglue.it email.

The first Buy-to-Unglue eBook is here, and it’s a good one.
Lagos_2060 is a collection of science fiction stories that imagine what the city of Lagos will be like in the year 2060, 100 years after independence. Amanda has a review on our blog. Continue reading Unglue.it releases the first Buy-to-Unglue eBook

Unglue.it opens a new chapter – a bookstore for books that want to be free

Unglue.it posted on their blog today about a new direction – a bookstore for books that want to be free.  Here is the full blog post:

Soon, we’ll be launching a new phase of Unglue.it.

How do we describe what we’re doing? When we did the first implementation of “Buy-To-Unglue” (as a test, not a launch) I told a lot of people about it, but it wasn’t so easy to explain. Unglue.it would be sort of a Crowdfunding site, sort of a bookstore, sort of a library distributor. My explanation was too much “how” and not enough “why”. Finally, I hit upon a simple description of our vision for the site: “A Bookstore for Books that Want to be Free”. Continue reading Unglue.it opens a new chapter – a bookstore for books that want to be free

Unglue.it 2.0, “Buy to Unglue”

Unglue.it is now testing the next phase of their program, 2.0.  The new “Buy to Unglue” campaigns use the ebook as an instant reward for supporting a campaign. They built a free ebook lending platform for libraries so that library users can buy ebooks for their library. A blog post at Unglue.it highlights the details of the program.

Details of the program from an Unglue.it email:

To showcase the work we’ve done, we’ve launched a “buy to unglue” campaign for a public domain ebook, Edwin Abbott Abbott’s Flatland You can buy an ebook and see the ungluing date change. You can join our test library, and ask to borrow a book. Once you’ve joined a library, you can buy ebooks you can share with the library. We’d love to see every ebook store work like that.

Now that we can show everyone how “buy to unglue” is going to work, we want to talk with publishers, authors, and libraries that feel ready to take the next step into the ebook future. eMail to support@gluejar.com if you’re interested in participating.

De Gruyter and Unglue.it partner to expand open access titles

This is fabulous news.  Way to go De Gruyter!  I’m so pleased to see publishers working direct with Unglue.it.

Berlin, 2 April 2013 — Starting today, the academic publisher De Gruyter will be offering 100 titles from its e-dition series at the crowdfunding platform Unglue.it. Each individual title that raises 2,100 dollars at the site will be made available worldwide as open access content.

Unglue.it is an innovative service provider that is making ebooks free and universally accessible to libraries and book lovers alike. How it works: users contribute an amount of their choosing to the book titles offered at the platform by publishers. If the minimum funding amount is achieved, the publisher will release the book under Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-ND. Continue reading De Gruyter and Unglue.it partner to expand open access titles

Unglue.it and Open Book Publishers launch new campaign

Happy to see another campaign being launched at Unglue.it.  This title is really unique.  It’s an English language book about Mumbai’s unique Dabbawala food delivery co-operative, Feeding the City.  Below is more from the press release:

Unglue.it is pleased to announce a second crowdfunding campaign from the nonprofit UK company Open Book Publishers for the first English translation of Sara Roncaglia’s Feeding the City, an ethnographic study of the dabbawala co-operative system of lunch delivery in Mumbai.

Unglue.it is a crowdfunding site that lets book lovers pay authors and publishers to make their already-published books free to the world under a Creative Commons license.
This is the second campaign from Open Book Publishers, who released the Unglued Ebook of Oral Literature in Africa by Ruth Finnegan in September 2012, which can be downloaded at http://unglue.it/work/81834/.  (More than 3,000 total CC-licensed ebook copies of Oral Literature in Africa have been downloaded from sites all over the world since publication.) Continue reading Unglue.it and Open Book Publishers launch new campaign

Unglue.it releases two more free ebooks

Really pleased to see additional books becoming unglued through the Unglue.it crowdfunding program.  Congrats to all involved.

January 21, 2013 Unglue.it, the crowdfunding website for Creative Commons licensed ebooks, has funded and released two more free ebooks, now available for download.

The most recent “unglued book” is So You Want to Be a Librarian, by Lauren Pressley and published by Library Juice Press. It’s aimed at students and others who want to know whether a career in librarianship might be right for them. “It seems fitting that a book about a rapidly changing profession should make use of a cutting edge funding and distribution mechanisms”, said Eric Hellman, President of Gluejar, Inc., the company behind Unglue.it. “Pressley’s book can now evolve in the public common and serve new generations of librarians.” Continue reading Unglue.it releases two more free ebooks

Unglue.it is back with 5 new campaigns

I’m happy to see that Unglue.it is back in business with a new payment provider, Stripe.  Eric Hellman announced five new title campaigns as well, including one by fellow librarian, Lauren Pressley.  More information is below in the press release.

October 15, 2012 – Two months after being forced to shut down by Amazon Payments, Unglue.it is relaunching today with a new payments provider, Stripe, and ungluing campaigns for five books.

Unglue.it is a crowdfunding platform that supports authors and publishers in releasing free editions of their books. After successfully raising $7500 to make Ruth Finnegan’s 1970 classic Oral Literature in Africa free to the world, they were forced to suspend their remaining campaigns when Amazon changed its policies on supporting crowdfunding companies. Continue reading Unglue.it is back with 5 new campaigns

Unglue.it announces the availability of Oral Literature in Africa

From an email message sent by the Unglue.it team:  Thanks to your support, the unglued edition of Oral Literature in Africa is now available for download. You can get your copy from the same place you supported its creation, the Unglue.it book page. It’s available in pdf, epub (iBooks, Nook, Kobo), and mobi (Kindle) formats.

We want to hear your stories about how you’re reading, sharing, remixing, and enjoying Oral Literature in Africa. (Remember, the CC BY license means you have permission to copy, distribute, translate, and adapt the work, as long as you attribute the book to Ruth Finnegan.)

Now it’s your turn to do something special with it- and let us know about it! Are you a programmer? You can fork it on github. Post your ideas to Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Instagram, or Youtube with the tag OLAunglued, or tweet with #OLAunglued, and we’ll include them in a Storify visualizer .   Continue reading Unglue.it announces the availability of Oral Literature in Africa

Amazon forces Unglue.it to Suspend Crowdfunding for Creative Commons eBooks

From an Unglue.it press release, very disappointing news. I have no doubt that Eric and his team will find an alternative solution very soon.

“Amazon Payments has informed us that they will no longer process pledge payments for Unglue.it, forcing us to suspend all active ungluing campaigns.” announced Eric Hellman, President of Gluejar, Inc., the company behind crowdfunding site Unglue.it.  According to a Senior Account Manager at Amazon, Amazon has decided against “boarding fresh crowdfunding accounts at this time”. Amazon has been providing payment services for Unglue.it, as it does for the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter.
Continue reading Amazon forces Unglue.it to Suspend Crowdfunding for Creative Commons eBooks

Unglue.it celebrates the first successful campaign

Congrats to everyone at Unglue.it for the first successful campaign.  Here is the official press release:

Two hundred and fifty-nine supporters pledged a total of $7,578 to a campaign to “unglue” Ruth Finnegan’s 1970 classic, “Oral Literature in Africa”. The campaign, which lasted 33 days, topped the campaign’s target at 12:30AM EDT on June 20 with a little under two days to spare. As a result the book will be issued as an ebook with a Creative Commons Attribution license, opening it up to free use and reuse by scholars and readers around the world.

Unglue.it, the website that hosted the campaign, launched on May 17th with the goal of “giving ebooks to the world”.  Unglue.it allows rights holders of already published books to present “ungluing campaigns”. Site members can then pledge towards making the book available as Creative Commons licensed ebooks. If the campaign meets its goal, the ebook becomes freely available to everyone. Continue reading Unglue.it celebrates the first successful campaign

Unglue.it looking to finish it’s first campaign

Have you heard of Unglue.it?  If not, read on… Unglue.it is a a place for individuals and institutions to join together to give their favorite ebooks to the world. We work with rights holders to decide on fair compensation for releasing a free, legal edition of their already-published books, under Creative Commons licensing. Then everyone pledges toward that sum. When the threshold is reached (and not before), we collect the pledged funds and we pay the rights holders. They issue an unglued digital edition; you’re free to read and share it, with everyone, on the device of your choice, worldwide.

Their first campaign has less than one week to go.

We’re up to 65% of the goal with just under 1 week to go!

The campaign for Oral Literature in Africa closes next Thursday.  With the support of ungluers like you, it’s already over $4,900, almost two-thirds of its goal — but it needs more pledges and publicity to reach $7,500 before midnight EDT on June 21. Continue reading Unglue.it looking to finish it’s first campaign

Unglue.it to launch on May 17 at 12 noon EDT

From an Unglue.it email:  So: here it is.  On May 17, at 12 noon EDT, unglue.it will launch its first set of campaigns.

Between now and then we’ll be eyeballs-deep in code and paperwork, running the final tests on our payment processing system, applying some last-minute usability and design tweaks, and working with our rights holders to build their campaigns. We’ll have at least one test campaign; follow us on Twitter or Facebook if you want to help us out.

So far, there are four books signed off for launch with a few more possibles, and we are so eager to unveil them. We hope you’ll be thrilled to support them. Continue reading Unglue.it to launch on May 17 at 12 noon EDT

Ungluing eBooks – creative commons licensed eBooks

Eric Hellman has a new blog post on his Go To Hellman site with updates on his new project to support open access eBooks– Unglue.it (or unglueit.com).

From the post: For readers new to this blog, “ungluing ebooks” is what I’m calling the process of raising money to make creative-commons licensed ebook editions of the books that you love, so that everyone, everywhere can read them. You betcha…We’re developing the Unglue.it website on the Amazon cloud; in addition to the four full time Gluejar staff, we have three design and development contractors working on its construction. It’s a great team, but we’re still figuring out how to make our virtual office work. Even when Irene knocks out our power.  Our prototype is using the PayPal payment processing infrastructure, various bibliographic web services, and the Django web application framework. Right now, it looks like we’ll hit alpha in October. Continue reading Ungluing eBooks – creative commons licensed eBooks