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Graphic Novels as Textbooks

Texas Tech University Professor, Jeremy Short, was tired of the boring and stale management textbooks, so he wrote a couple of graphic novels for his students instead.  Using a college student character, Atlas Black, Short takes students through the life of a slacker college student who transforms to a successful entrepreneur.

What did the students thing?  According to an article in Inside Higher Education,  “formal evaluations showed that 86 percent of his students that used the book said they agreed or strongly agreed that it “compares favorably” to other management textbooks they’ve had, Short said. He added that the most rewarding part of the process teaching with Atlas Black is having students wonder what happens in the story when the book ends. “The idea of a student asking what comes next in a textbook is really just unfathomable,” he said.”

Another great part of this story, the book is published through Flatworld Knowledge, an open access textbook publisher.  According to Flatworld, 25 professors will be using the Atlas Black textbook this fall.