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More ebook preconference presentations – eBook readers in libraries

Charleston Conference – eBooks, Not just another binding preconference
Session 3  – eBook Readers in Libraries

A plethora of ebook readers are coming to the market along with a wide variety of solutions for libraries to serve them. Marcus Woodburn will give an overview of the digital solutions currently available (and rumored) and a sense of how the publishing world is adapting to them in terms of pricing and rights.  Which books are they making available?  What are the limitations?  What changes can we expect?  He will also examine digital textbook solutions serving the academic population directly, but which should hold interest for the library community.

Marcus Woodburn, Director of Publisher Business Development, Ingram Content Group presentation

Digital content is a growing part of library collections. Librarians would like to offer patrons the ability to effectively access and download this content to e-Readers, allowing for portability and greater interaction with the text. But, this type of service poses challenges.   What readers are available? Can a device that was developed for the consumer market work in an institutional setting? How much money should be budgeted to try them?   What factors should be considered when purchasing e-Readers for patron use?  Anne Behler will share her real-world experience with establishing an e-Reader pilot project at Penn State, which involved partnering with Sony Electronics, Inc. to investigate the e-Reader’s place in an academic setting.

Anne Behler, Information Literacy Librarian, Penn State University presentation

Overdrive and Sony to cross-market

From an Overdrive press release:

(Cleveland, OH) – August 12, 2009 – OverDrive (www.overdrive.com), the leading global digital distributor of eBooks and audiobooks to libraries, announced today a joint marketing agreement with Sony Electronics, Inc., developer of the Sony Reader Digital Book (www.sony.com/reader).  OverDrive and Sony will cross-market OverDrive’s library network and the Reader, the leading eBook device that is compatible with industry standard eBook formats offered by libraries.  Continue reading Overdrive and Sony to cross-market