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Copia releases a free, contextually annotated eBook – Pride and Prejudice

Enhanced eBooks are the future and Copia demonstrates this with their new annotated version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  It’s a free download for the Copia desktop reader.

According to Seth Kaufman, VP of Marketing and Merchandising, “the Copia version offers a glimpse into the future of what an interactive eBook can be, of how educators can teach inside a book, of the possibilities for distance learning.” This new edition features 140 annotations from Professor Susan Fraiman of the University of Virginia. Kaufman also said of the annotated version, “It is also a way to demonstrate how authors and publishers can make old content new again. While it took Fraiman a while to write her commentary, adding the 140 annotations into the eBook took only a few hours, because Copia’s eReader is also a publishing tool that allows anyone to add content.”