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Honoring local authors in their hometown libraries: This is how San Jose PL does it

Wouldn’t it be great if your library could host one author event after another, with every event well attended by both authors and appreciative readers? San Jose Public Library (SJPL) has a strong record in this area, and in this article we will look at how they do it without working themselves to death in the process.

Serving a diverse population of nearly one million, SJPL comprises fourteen branches. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, The King Library was named after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and occupies a corner of the San Jose State University campus. It is SJPL’s main branch and consistently produces top-flight local author events. This large, nine floor library provides services to residents of San Jose, as well as to the students and faculty of San Jose State University, home of the renowned SJSU School of Information. I don’t have to tell you that it’s a busy place and that library staff have a lot going on, besides author events.

Librarian Deborah Estreicher manages the author events, and she was kind enough to give me an hour of her time on the phone. Speaking in a calm, thoughtful voice, she explained what she does and how she does it. Managing the author events is not a full-time job for her. The rest of the time she is a reference librarian. She did not initiate the local author events at the library; rather, SJPL had been putting on author events for several years after another librarian started them, but when that librarian left the library,  the events fell to Deborah and her supervisor to take over. These events are not held on Indie Author Day, but rather they are scheduled to fit the needs of the library and the community. Continue reading Honoring local authors in their hometown libraries: This is how San Jose PL does it