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TOC – Accessible Publishing Practices

Can you afford not to consider accessible publishing practices?, presented by Dave Gunn, Royal National Institute of Blind People. Dave commented on how TOC last year had no mention of disabilities and was appreciative of the discussions already happening this year.  More info on accessible publishing here:  rnib.org.uk/ebookguidance

Dave provided an overview of accessibility and discussion on how people with disabilities can/cannot access eBooks.   The following notes are my own interpretation of Dave’s presentation and my best attempts were made to ensure accuracy.

If this was just down to morals, we’d all be doing this already.  What is happening is the justification of the business end/challenges of making books accessible.  What are the benfits, risks, ROI, etc. for businesses?

3 reasons

  1. It makes business sense
  2. It makes business sense
  3. It makes business sense Continue reading TOC – Accessible Publishing Practices