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Bowker’s PubTrack to study cookbook buyer behavior

As an avid cook and one who uses various devices (print, e, apps, TV, and more) to find interesting recipes, I’m looking forward to reading more in this forthcoming annual study from Bowker.

Here’s more from the press release:  PubTrackâ„¢ Consumer will launch a comprehensive new research study into the behavior of cookbook buyers, which will enable publishers to make better informed decisions in one the industry’s most dynamic market segments. The PubTrack Consumer Cookbook Publishing Report will determine how, where and why consumers buy cookbooks, digging deep into the impact of the digital transformation on what consumers buy and how they learn about cookbooks and authors.  Over time, this annual study will plot trends so that publishers can develop products that fit more precisely to the shifting preferences of their customers.  PubTrack is a highly regarded service of Bowker, an affiliated business of ProQuest. Continue reading Bowker’s PubTrack to study cookbook buyer behavior