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ebrary adds Fiction titles to Public Library Collection

In response to requests from the public library community, ebrary®, a leading provider of e-books and research technology, today announced that it has added popular fiction e-books to Public Library Completeâ„¢.  The collection now includes more than 3,200 e-books in romance, science fiction, mysteries, children’s fiction, and other types of fiction published in 2010 and earlier.  The fiction titles can be searched here.

In total, Public Library Complete features a growing collection of approximately 23,000 e-books from the world’s leading publishers in multiple subject areas.   Available under an affordable subscription model with unlimited, multi-user access, Public Library Complete is the most comprehensive, cost-effective collection available to public libraries today.

ebrary Adds Titles to Public Library Complete

ebrary announced today the addition of 800 titles to Public Library Complete from publishers such as:  ANACOM, Chelsea House, Ballantine, Bantam and Global Media.  400 of the titles are fiction.  The addition of these titles takes the collection to over 21,000 multiuser access titles.  The multiuser, subscription based collection includes free access for public high schools, do-it-yourself publishing tools, and complimentary marketing services and training. The full press release is available online.

Public and state librarians interested in the future of ebrary’s Public Library Complete may be interested in joining their new advisory board.  Those interested should contact Tish Wagner- tish.wagner@ebrary.com