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New articles of interest

Articles from the past week include:

O’Reilly online web conference Ebook Strategy and Innovation – panel reports

Top 20 List of World’s Largest Publishing Co’s – an analysis

Harvard, National Library of China Embark on Digitization Project

Single Purpose E-Book Readers are Dead – Tennant: Digital Libraries – Blog on Library Journal

Three kinds of e-book illegals: Felix Torres tutorial for NYT columnist Randall Stross and publishers

New York Times columnist fears napsterization of e-books

TOC Online eBook Conference Highlights

Some notes I made during the O’Reilly Tools of Change eBook conference (I only got to see the first hour):

O’Reilly.com selling twice as many eBooks today as they did last year, most are going overseas.

eBook pricing panel:

  • Bundling was a big topic – bundling eBook formats together and/or bundling the e and p.
  • Clear dropoff for eBook purchases that are priced higher that $10.  People seem to be comfortable spending the $9.99.
  • FREE – should work itself out, maybe giving certain things away will generate more sales, free drives more interest and the key is finding a way to keep that interest and turn it into revenues. Continue reading TOC Online eBook Conference Highlights