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Odilo celebrates back-to-school season with the addition of Sesame Street titles

ODILO is celebrating the back-to-school season with a collection from their newest publisher, Sesame Workshop.

ODILO’s  eBook platform, content, and flexible lending models (One-Copy/One-User, Pay-per-Use, Simultaneous, and Subscription) help schools and libraries better serve their students, educators, and families. With a strong international presence, ODILO’s marketplace offers over one million titles in multiple languages from more than 3,500 publishers; subjects range from popular fiction and nonfiction to educational titles. Continue reading Odilo celebrates back-to-school season with the addition of Sesame Street titles

ODILO chosen by European Commission to help boost literacy in schools

​​​​​​​Just in:

Denver, CO, August 15, 2017 – ODILO, a global leader in the eBook industry, has been selected by the European Commission to provide their digital reading platform to European schools and universities.

Improving literacy and reading comprehension in schools has become one of the main challenges across Europe. With the support from the Commission, ODILO can now provide innovative and affordable solutions to assist schools and universities in their own reading plan implementations. Continue reading ODILO chosen by European Commission to help boost literacy in schools

Odilo solidifies its North American presence with new offerings and features

According to a recent press release, Odilo—a privately-held Spanish and US-based company that offers innovative ebook and econtent solutions for libraries worldwide—has seen notable growth in recent months, with 140% increase in new customers and close to a 500% increase in new publishing partners.

For those not familiar with Odilo’s suite of products, here are the newest offerings and features, which were highlighted at this year’s American Library Association conference in Chicago:

    • Over 18,000 Pay-per-Use (PpU) eAudiobook titles allow libraries to build an eAudiobook collection for a minimal investment. ODILO currently offers over 250,000 PpU eBooks, eAudiobook, and streaming video, with new titles ingested daily.
    • Streaming offline reading functionality allows end-users to read without an Internet connection or the ODILO app (available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Kindle Fire).

Continue reading Odilo solidifies its North American presence with new offerings and features

Flood victims in Peru receive free ebooks to continue their education [via ODILO]

From an Odilo press release:

ODILO, the Spanish startup tech/eBook company, will provide all children in Peru with free technology due to the horrible floods that wreaked havoc there at the end of March. ODILO allows for the management, distribution, consumption, auditing, and preservation of all types of digital content (eBooks, audio, video, images, documents, etc.).

The floods primarily impacted the northwest coastal region of Piura, where a third of the population was harmed. In total, over 134 thousand homes were damaged and more than 600 thousand people were affected by the floods. As most of the roads are ruined, over 200,000 children are not able to get to school. The ODILO platform will provide students with access to their necessary materials and other educational content, so they can continue to learn while the country works to repair itself. Continue reading Flood victims in Peru receive free ebooks to continue their education [via ODILO]

Odilo powers digital library in Spain

(Denver, CO) October 19, 2015:

Odilo has been awarded a contract with the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports, to bring digital content to the entire network of public libraries in Spain. Over 15 million library card holders will benefit and enjoy digital content through eBiblio (powered by OdiloTK, a complete digital asset lending and management end-user platform).

The Ministry promotes and develops digital culture with initiatives like eBiblio, which currently provides free access to eBooks and eAudiobooks from all of the leading Spanish publishers. eBiblio offers end-users access to content in three clicks or less; browse, search, borrow, or download on any computer or mobile device, anytime-anywhere. Continue reading Odilo powers digital library in Spain

ODILO expands in Canada with eBOUND partnership

(Denver, CO) September 15, 2015:

ODILO , one of the leading eBook providers in Europe and Latin America, has recently partnered with eBOUND Canada, a not-for-profit agency that assists independent Canadian publishers in
developing and supporting digital publishing programs.
“We look forward to working with ODILO to bring Canadian books to new international audiences, and introduce new readers to our publishers,” shares Krystina Ross, CEO at eBOUND Canada. Continue reading ODILO expands in Canada with eBOUND partnership

Odilo brings leading publishers to libraries

(Denver, CO) June 18, 2015:

Odilo’s global reach and rapid expansion in the United States continues to attract publishers from around the world. Just six months after launching their innovative eBook lending library, Odilo now offers digital content from all of the leading publishers, including frontlist and backlist titles, along with pre-orders.

With the addition of Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins Publishers, Macmillan, Penguin Random House, and Simon & Schuster, Odilo customers can easily choose from over 200,000 bestselling and popular titles, from over 550 publishers, in order to meet the needs and demands of their library patrons. Competitive pricing allows Odilo customers to use their savings for other essential library needs. Continue reading Odilo brings leading publishers to libraries

OdiloPlace debuts in the U.S. with 60,000 titles

Miami, FL — January 9, 2015 — ODILO announces the launch of OdiloPlace, their digital content marketplace featuring titles from publishers such as ABDO, Atlantic Publishing, Book View Café, Diversion Books, Encyclopedia Britannica, Enslow Publishers, HarperCollins Publishers, Little Pickle Press, Macmillan, Open Road Media, Prologue, Simon & Schuster, Rowman & Littlefield, Untreed Reads Publishing, Xist Publishing, and many others. Additional titles from other big, mid, and small publishers are expected soon. ODILO products and services allow libraries to better manage digital content, integrate a mix of content sources, and distribute high-quality content to patrons in mere seconds. Unlike other expensive content management systems, ODILO offers flexible and affordable pricing, along with bestselling books in a variety of languages. Continue reading OdiloPlace debuts in the U.S. with 60,000 titles

Free webinar on library digital content lending from Jamie LaRue, sponsored by Odilo

Webinar, January 14th at 1 p.m. EST.  Register here.

Library digital content lending has come a long way. Aggregators, authors, libraries, and publishers have all had to adapt to new, and sometimes not so desirable, business models. It is time for libraries to take matters into their own hands with alternative solutions.

Join renowned speaker, Jamie LaRue, as he discusses innovative and emerging technologies for digital content management. Participants will come away with a greater understanding of digital content issues, along with recognizing the benefits of using a new content management approach.

While all are encouraged to attend, this webinar is ideal for those involved with consortiums, state library agencies, and public library acquisitions and technical services. Learn more.