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Credo announces Literati School and Literati Student Athlete

BREAKING NEWS FROM CREDO OFFICES IN BOSTON AND OXFORD, U.K. Credo’s information literacy platform, Literati, implemented in 600 academic and public library institutions, is now also available for K-12 schools and student athletes. Literati School and Literati Student Athlete share the same goal as the academic and public versions of Literati: to enable librarians and educators to help learnersin this case K-12 students and the athletes among them who face unique challengesobtain information skills necessary to succeed in their scholarly pursuits as well as in life.

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Another “thumbs up” for Literati

Last month we reported on the success of Credo’s case study with Columbia University undergraduates, who said that using Literati — an extension of the original Credo Reference platform, marketed as “a library’s connection to information literacy” — significantly enhanced their classroom learning experience. According to Credo, 90 percent of Columbia students who participated said they would likely use Literati again in the future.

Now the company has released the results of a similar study conducted at American University of Paris (AUP). The results, according to a new Credo press release, show more proof of Literati’s value:  72 percent  of AUP students surveyed found the multimedia materials developed by the Literati team and AUP librarians to be “very helpful” while 75 percent said they would be likely to use Literati as a research tool in their future assignments. Continue reading Another “thumbs up” for Literati

Columbia students give Literati “thumbs up”

Credo Reference‘s ongoing effort to improve information literacy (and “research effectiveness”) just got a new boost. After conducting a case study with Columbia University’s undergrads, the company is reporting back some encouraging feedback about the value of its Literati platform. The results of the study have been made public and their message is clear: using Literati in the classroom made a notable difference in the students’ research experience. According to Credo, 87 percent of the students who participated said that Literati improved the quality of their work and 90 percent said they would likely use it again for future assignments.

Soon after launching Literati — an extension of the original Credo Reference platform, marketed as “a library’s connection to information literacy” — Credo partnered with Columbia University (and the “embedded” librarians of its Undergraduate Writing Program) to monitor students’ experience using the product. The goal was to utilize Literati as the core instructional tool and give students full access to its Technology (including Credo’s well-known Topic Pages and the Mind Map), Content (derived from hundreds of reference ebooks and subject encyclopedias from a growing list of publishers), and various customized Services, including multi-media instruction and tutorials. Continue reading Columbia students give Literati “thumbs up”

Credo launches Literati Public supporting digital literacy and the library’s brand

June 15, 2012 — Boston, Oxford — Building on the success of Literati by Credo, Credo Reference (credoreference.com), today announced plans to serve Public Libraries with Literati Public, a new expression of its suite of Digital and Information Literacy solutions.

Literati Public, developed in close partnership with public librarians, is a highly customizable solution that promotes the mission of public libraries by combining Credo’s content with newly developed platform technology.
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Interview with Mike Sweet of Credo Reference

Recently Credo Reference launched a service called literati.  Literati adds a new dimension to Credo Reference and Topic Pages by bringing together technology, content, tools, and services.  To learn more about Literati, listen to the interview with Mike Sweet, CEO of Credo Reference.

Credo Reference introduces literati

I’m sorry I missed posting this press release from Credo.  They are launching a new product – literati.  It’s in beta now with January 2012 set for a live launch.  The design and purpose of the product sounds very intriguing (multi channel design, increase dialog b/t librarians and students, information at the point of need, etc.) and I can’t wait to see it in action.  Here’s more from the press release:

(Boston and Oxford — October 20, 2011) Credo Reference, the leading provider of online research products, enters a new era with the launch of literati by Credo. A solution designed around Credo’s information-aware philosophy and a commitment to promoting research effectiveness, literati by Credo distinguishes itself from an increasingly crowded field of library products by offering capabilities that empower users and improve information literacy. Continue reading Credo Reference introduces literati