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Charleston Conference – E-Content Procurement

Cory Tucker, Head of Collection Development from UNLV and Emilie Delquie, VP of Publishers Communication Group provided an overview of the variety of ways in which electronic content is being procured in libraries.  Cory discussed several current driving factors for procurement including decreasing library budgets, the variety of business models available, and network level access and discovery of content.

Emilie provided several statistical charts to show the shift of ARL expenditures from print to electronic (estimated 80% on electronic by 2020).  She borrowed her slides from James Michalko at OCLC.   Continue reading Charleston Conference – E-Content Procurement

80% of Academic Library Expenditures Projected for eContent by 2020

A colleague of mine forwarded this presentation by James Michalko from OCLC to me.  The presentation was done at the Keio Symposium earlier this month.  One of James’ slides, based on data from the US Department of Education, NCES Academic Library Survey 1998 – 2008, shows projections that academic library expenditures on purchased and licensed content will by 80% ebooks and ejournals by the year 2020.  Comparing this to the charts figures from 1998 are staggering.  In 1998 only 10% of expenditures were electronic.  OCLC has a page with a variety of presentations from their staff members.  It’s worth a look, plenty of good data and projections.