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Dquarium – Where Technology Comes to Talk…to Librarians

Looking for detailed discussions of new technologies, libraries, publishing, and everything in between?  Then check out Dquarium, a collection of audio and video podcasts hosted by Kayhan B., Erin Anderson and Doug Mirams.

From their site:  “Dquarium.com is an Internet network of audio and video podcasts that discusses everything and anything related to digital technology. Dquarium.com produces and creates all-original media content for the viewing and listening pleasure of nano-nerds and gadget-geeks everywhere.”

They have had some great interviews with librarians and those close to libraries on their Bibliotech channel including:

  • Lisa Carlucci Thomas
  • Sue Polanka
  • Marshall Breeding
  • Michael Porter
  • Paul Biba
  • Stephen Abram
  • Buffy J. Hamilton
  • David Lee King
  • Michael Stephens
  • Sarah Houghton