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Free Webcast: Publishing without Boundaries

O’Reilly Media is sponsoring a free webcast, Publishing without Boundaries on Thursday, Sept. 30th at 3:45 PDT.  Registration is free.  Here is the synopsis from the site:

Join O’Reilly Media and the Cleveland Digital Publishing User Group for this look at the future of publishing.

Readers are changing their habits, and are demonstrating they’re as eager as ever to find–and buy–quality content and entertainment. But the transition to digital–and increasingly mobile–media delivery, consumption, and participation presents real challenges for publishers: How do you create compelling content on devices that can see, hear, talk, and know where they are in the world? What do publishers need to know about these changes to adapt their own businesses? How do you price a “book” sold as an “App”? How do you take full advantage of a reading experience that’s always connected to the Web? Hear what visionary publisher O’Reilly Media sees on the horizon.