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Open Access eBooks Part Four – CLACSO

To honor open access week, I’ll be highlighting a different open access eBook platform each day. The purpose is to create awareness of various open access ebook collections. If you have collections to suggest, please let me know.

Today’s post is about CLACSO.  This collection was brought to my attention by Dominique Babini.  She said, “CLACSO-Latin America Social Science Council´s open access and interoperable institutional repository offers open access to the full-text of a collection of 692 books published by CLACSO. It is a joint program of the editorial team and library team in CLACSO.   The intitutional repository is built in an open source software platform Greenstone and has a total of 30.000 full-texts.”

From the website:  Due to our firm purpose of contributing to the dissemination of academic production by member centers and programs that make up CLACSO, we have created an Online Libraries Network which operates in a cooperative, decentralized manner, and respectful of the open access philosophy. Such network aims at increasing the impact of said production on education, research, social actors and society as a whole. 

It offers free open access to the following services:

  • Reading Room with full digitized texts of clippings, working documents, books, papers, and thesis published by member centers and programs at CLACSO
  • Multimedia Portal Site (links to audiovisual productions, online radios, audio files, and photographic galleries elaborated by CLACSO’s Member Centers)
  • News and resources : information, handbooks and free software, useful to libraries and/or digital repositories


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