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BookRiff – a new digital publishing platform to go live this month

A colleague forwarded me an Outsell article about a new venture, BookRiff.  Ned May, who wrote the article, states, “Bookriff, yet another digital publishing platform, will soon go live. Yet while it is entering a crowded field, this one is worth a close look as it has the potential to take hold, and significant potential to disrupt.”

According to the BookRiff blog, users can create their own book by piecing together chapters, articles, or other content.  Users pay for content which is delivered in a variety of formats (print-on-demand coming soon) and rights holders are given royalties.   The BookRiff goal is to be fun and easy to use.

More from the Outsell article:  “What makes BookRiff unique is its focus on enabling the creation of new works by providing a seamless platform for supporting the necessary business rules. Leadership of the company believes there is a broad market for these new compilations of content if they can be effortlessly assembled while respecting all the rights, permissions and pricing of the underlying parts. To that end, they have built a core technology platform that enables a license holder to easily upload, separate, tag and set a price for content while also setting rules for redistribution. By default, books are broken into chapters for resale but the system will accept any subdivision the content creator wants to offer. The required file format for ingestion is ePub and the platform checks the integrity of the file before posting to the system as well as using the underlying coding to determine chapter breaks.”