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Beyond Print Summit from TRLN – meeting materials

The Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN) held a Summit in August called “Beyond Print.” They have recently posted the meeting materials on their site, including slides, analysis, and future steps.

From the website:  Beyond Print is an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded project to develop new business models and licensing terms for the cooperative acquisition of e-books. The Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN) has a long history of cooperative collection development policies that distribute subject and language responsibilities among member libraries to minimize overlap and maximize breadth of coverage.  Higher e-book prices for single institutions, and weighty multipliers to enable inter-institutional access, threaten this investment and the future of scholarly sharing.

A key element of the project was to convene representatives from library consortia together with vendors and publishers to explore new and mutually sustainable models as research libraries make the print to electronic transition in their book collections. The TRLN Beyond Print Summit was held in Chapel Hill, NC on August 22-23, 2011. Join us at the Charleston Conference where we will continue the conversation.