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Ebooks and Digital Content events at the ALA Conference

E-Books and Digital Content events at the upcoming ALA Conference, from the ALA What’s Happening Document:

Join a panel of Book Industry Study Group (BISG) and ALA leaders at this year’s Annual Conference as they discuss the results of a newly-released study on public library patrons’ use of digital content. At Digital Content in Public Libraries: What Do Patrons Think? panelists will discuss the results of the study, designed to provide insight into how readers interact with e-books in a library environment. Sunday, June 28, 3:00-4:00pm, Moscone Convention Center, 131 North.

Its been an exciting year in copyright law, with important precedents set on fair use and mass digitization, search engines, and what is protected by copyright. Copyright Litigation: The Year in Review (and What’s Coming Next) Monday, June 29, 10:30-11:30, Moscone Convention Center, 2018 West. Corynne McSherry (Electronic Frontier Foundation) will discuss the ways that recent court decisions Georgia State, HathiTrust, Google Books have interpreted fair use and the implications for education, research, and equitable access. McSherry will also explore potential implications, decisions for libraries and their patrons and preview upcoming copyright issues.

A leading panel of library and publishing experts will provide an update on the library ebook lending market and discuss best ways for libraries to advance library access to digital content Making Progress in Digital Content Library, Sunday, June 28, 10:30-11:30am, Moscone Convention Center, 2018 West. Library leaders from ALA’s Digital Content Working Group (DCWG) will provide insights on the most promising opportunities available to advance library access to digital content, as well as ALA’s efforts to exploit digital content access opportunities. The session features DCWG co-chairs Carolyn Anthony and Erika Linke, along with representatives from Odilo and TotalbooX.

The Internet Archive started by archiving the Web, but now works with hundreds of librarians and partners to create digital collections, both centralized and distributed. Join Internet Archive founder and digital librarian Brewster Kahle when he discusses the challenges of presenting modern materials for each media type Building Libraries 9 Together Saturday, June 27, 10:30-11:30am, Moscone Convention Center, 2007 West.

DPLA events at the upcoming ALA Conference

The American Library Association’s (ALA) annual conference is right around the corner, so we here at the DPLA have pulled together a nifty little schedule of talks, panels, and presentations that feature members of our staff, Board, Committees, and Hubs. Sessions involving DPLA staff are marked [S], while sessions involving Board, Committee, or Hub members are marked with [A], for ‘affiliate’.




[S] Knight Foundation Grantee Demo Booth, Day #1
2:00 PM — 3:00 PM / Moscone Convention Center, Exhibit Hall, Booth 3731

Connect with DPLA staffers at the Knight Foundation Grantee Demo Booth on Monday, June 29 from 10 AM — 11 AM.

Participants: Dan Cohen (DPLA Executive Director), Emily Gore (DPLA Director for Content), Amy Rudersdorf (DPLA Assistant Director for Content)
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ALA panel summary: Leading with Ebooks

A few weeks ago at the ALA Annual Conference, Mirela Roncevic, an NSR contributing writer, organized a panel discussion about leading with ebooks.  Panelists included:

  • Jamie LaRue – founder of the Douglas County Libraries Model, a library platform for the management of ebooks.
  • Elizabeth Joseph – recently appointed Coordinator of Information and adult services at The Ferguson Library in Stamford, Connecticut
  • Stuart Smith –  Open Road; featured speaker on Huffington Post Live and is a contributor to multiple literacy blogs.
  • Terry Kirchner – Westchester Library System, Terry has taken the digital leap and fully embraces the potential offered by ebooks.
  • Michael Rockliff set out to become a librarian, and is now Director, School and Library Sales & Marketing at Workman Publishing Company, where he remains happily ensconsed.
  • Yoav Lorch is a writer turned entrepreneur and founder of Total BooX, his third startup.

I enjoyed the initial presentations from both Roncevic and Lorch,  They both agreed to share their slides, which are available here:

Mirela led with a discussion on the difference between a manager and a leader. She provided several examples with regard to ebooks.  For instance, managing ebooks might include words like build, limit, copy, accept, control, or take.  But, leading with ebooks would look more like these words:  create, expand, originate, challenge, inspire, and give. This, of course, relates to both publishers and libraries. Continue reading ALA panel summary: Leading with Ebooks

ALA Session: eBooks and eReaders: Leveling the Playing Field or Widening the Digital Gap?

Here is information about a session to be held at the ALA conference this Saturday:

E-Books and E-Readers: Leveling the Playing Field or Widening the Digital Gap? – IRRT Paper Session, Saturday, June 28th, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm Location: Las Vegas Convention Center –

S233 Description: With their ease of distribution and availability in large numbers, E-books and e-readers hold great promise for delivering currency and intellectual content to the information poor. At the same time, digital information is often only available to those who can afford internet access and the technological infrastructure needed to provide that access. This program will feature projects and research illustrating how e-books and e-readers have impacted libraries and readers globally in many different ways. Continue reading ALA Session: eBooks and eReaders: Leveling the Playing Field or Widening the Digital Gap?

Tools of Change – Making the Case for Digital Printing

Making the Case for Digital Printing –  Tools of Change Conference – Feb. 22, 1:30 – 3:30

Brian O’Leary and Ashley Gordon

This session was directed to publishers who are thinking about digital printing opportunities.  The speakers were obviously pro-digital printing and provided many examples of the benefits of digital printing for publishers.  But, libraries should take note.  Digital printing could be a good source of revenue for libraries who have large digital collections.  I particular like the idea of “chunking”  and creating keepsake books from public domain material (discussed below).  Consortia could purchase a POD machine and member libraries could use this for a variety of projects, just think of the number of digital collections in one consortia.  What great revenue!  The speakers discussed 3 overlapping segments in digital printing- digital printing vendors, onsite services, and author services

Digital printing is more than print on demand (POD).  POD is a strategy in digital printing.

Content: Think in terms of content, not the physical book Continue reading Tools of Change – Making the Case for Digital Printing