Simon and Schuster and Library eBook Lending

Check out Eric Hellman’s article, Simon and Schuster is looking at limited lending library eBook Models.  Eric highlights a Publishing Point interview conducted by Michael Healy with Simon and Schuster CEO Carolyn Reidy.  Below is a clip from Eric’s article about library lending:

“Healy’s last question concerned Harper-Collins and the “eye of the hurricane” that they’ve found themselves in regarding their change in ebook lending policies. Reidy’s answer was succinct:

Simon and Schuster does not yet sell ebooks to libraries. We have not yet found a business model that makes us happy. That’s why we’re not in it

Later, in the Q&A period, I pressed Ready about finding a business model for providing ebooks to libraries: “libraries are worried about whether they’ll survive the transition to digital books and funding difficulties at the same time. Are you at all worried about the survival of libraries across the transition to ebooks?” I asked.

There’s a part of me that worries about it, but I’m first worried about my company… and my authors, and their survival. So we have met with several people who are trying to come up with a solution to sell into libraries and there are people who are working on various and sundry different models that are not just sell one ebook and let it be loaned forever, and in fact we met with one last week. So we’ve actually been meeting with people and think there will come a solution that we can live with. We just haven’t seen one yet.

I hope that Reidy also finds a model that will allow libraries to thrive in time to help Simon and Schuster grow the market for reading.”

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  1. Yay! Sounds like some progress is being made. I agree that authors such as Newbery authors need to be compensated in some way for books that we normally replace over and over but then again publishers have very little cost associated with selling ebooks compared to hard copy. There has to be an ebook middle ground where libraries and publishers co-exist.

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