Paul Biba’s eBook, eLibrary and ePublishing news compilation for week ending Sunday, January 3

bibaI am the former Editor-in-Chief of TeleRead, the Internet’s first blog devoted to ebooks. I now run a curated Twitter feed devoted to ebooks, elibraries, and epublishing.

This is a listing of those tweets for the last week. A new listing will be published on No Shelf Required each Sunday night.

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Overdrive: The top 10 support questions you’ll get during the holiday season (and how to answer them)

The British Museum Is Now Open To Everyone: Take a Virtual Tour and See 4,634 Artifacts

U.S. Copyright Office Announces DMCA “Operation” Study

Univ of Southern Maine: Osher Map Library Digitizing its Rare Globe Collection Users Can Manipulate Globes Online

Northwestern University Engineering Students Fix Common Glitch in Digitization of Books Published Before 1700

Joe Wikert: The ebook value proposition problem

Kobo has created a new e-book section for Wattpad

Will Ebooks Eventually Replace Print Completely? Oxford Debate transcript

Literary Journal: Complete, Searchable Digital Archive of the “Jewish Book Annual” Now Available Online

Thousands of digital textbooks from Springer are now available for free

Netherlands: Amsterdam Court Rules Anne Frank’s Diary Can Be Used For Research Purposes

U.S. Copyright Office Launches Study on Impact and Effectiveness of DMCA “Safe Harbor” Provisions

Amazon Fire HD 10 Review

Publisher strategy of propping up print by killing #ebook sales is hurting their authors but helping indies.

.@nytimes Launches New Sci-Fi Book Column

British Library Digitizing Huge Royal Atlas, Part of George III Digitization Project

Smashwords Year in Review 2015 and Plans for 2016

New Material Enters Public Domain (Except in the United States)

Soundtracked eBooks Are Still a Stunt, and Not (Yet) The Future of eBooks

The 110 most useful URLs for Kindle owners @paulKBiba @crave @laurahazardowen @KindleJournal @yahoonews

Kobo Launches a Kids Reading App for Android

iPhone and iPad prices go up in Germany due to country’s private copying fees

Publisher ambivalence to e-book ‘Daily Deals’ proves they badly need a reality check

Canva’s Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing

X-Rays Expose a Hidden Medieval Library,by Erik Kwakkel @erik_kwakkel / medieval books