Partner with NSR

If you are in the business of writing, producing, selling, distributing, marketing, managing, or curating ebooks and digital content, consider partnering with NSR. Our portal reaches large numbers of professionals around the world looking to enable reading in digital format, inspire new norms, and encourage us to do more with ebooks and econtent. This includes publishers, librarians, educators, authors/writers, content developers,  distributors, and IT, marketing, and sales professionals.

We are especially supportive of leading-edge ebook and econtent platforms and services and e-learning tools transforming what is possible with books, knowledge, and education today; innovative products and services raising the bar higher for the written word; and initiatives bringing content to underprivileged communities and spreading reading beyond institutions and libraries.

The NSR Advantage

Our mission is to remain the trusted source of information and inspiration for book and library professionals in ways that compel them to think about new possibilities with digital content. When you partner with NSR, you become part of that mission.

Here are some ways in which we can leave a mark together. If you are interested in joining forces with NSR, we may partner to:

  • produce a series of articles exploring relevant topics or emerging trends, to be published on NSR and distributed widely through social media
  • produce whitepapers on topics relevant to your organization, to be written by NSR contributors and published on NSR and promoted through social media
  • sponsor and/or co-sponsor NSR’s open access journal issues exploring a variety of topics on ebooks, econtent, and multimedia
  • host webinars covering a wide range of ebook and econtent topics and issues, including, for example, the effectiveness of existing and emerging business models (e.g., partnership with ALA)
  • launch online classes on ebooks and econtent for publishers, librarians, researchers, and educators, taught by NSR writers and contributors
  • co-create panel discussions at book fairs and library conferences, with NSR’s contributors as moderators
  • promote independent authors and independent publishers (e.g., partnership with BlueInk Review)

Contact Mirela Roncevic at or for more information on partnership opportunities.


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