OCLC and EBSCO Partner to Enhance Discovery

From an OCLC Press Release:  OCLC and EBSCO Publishing (EBSCO) have expanded their partnership to enhance the discovery experience for users of WorldCat Local and the EBSCO Discovery Service through an expanded data exchange agreement. The new agreement will create more value for libraries that subscribe to services from OCLC and EBSCO.

WorldCat Local libraries that subscribe to EBSCOhost full-text databases will continue to be able to discover EBSCO records and access associated full-text content through the WorldCat Local interface. The new agreement will improve access to these databases by removing the requirement for users of WorldCat Local to authenticate before searching the metadata for EBSCO databases to which their library subscribes (users will continue to be required to authenticate before accessing full text).

OCLC member libraries with a cataloging and WorldCat discovery subscription using EBSCO Discovery Service will now have the option to access WorldCat data through EDS and access holdings information for their library, their resource sharing partners as profiled in WorldCat, and all libraries with holdings in WorldCat.

Among other benefits that this partnership brings, libraries will be able to use EBSCO Discovery Service to facilitate interlibrary loan (ILL) via OCLC. OCLC will make records from OAIster, a union catalog of some 25 million records representing open access resources, available to all EBSCO Discovery Service users. OCLC will also make records from ArchiveGrid, an online service that provides access to detailed archival collection descriptions, available to ArchiveGrid subscribers through the EBSCO Discovery Service.

This agreement continues OCLC’s efforts, on behalf of its member libraries, to make WorldCat data available where it is needed in order to facilitate broad access to library collections and services.

“This expanded partnership agreement demonstrates OCLC’s commitment to using the data we manage on behalf of the OCLC cooperative to enable better access to library collections and services through the applications libraries choose,” said Jay Jordan, OCLC President and CEO.

“EBSCO and OCLC have worked together on several initiatives that benefit libraries. This data sharing agreement enhances the experience libraries receive from EBSCO Discovery Service. The agreement benefits libraries, as well as WorldCat and EDS,” said EBSCO Publishing President Tim Collins.

“OCLC’s goal has always been to enable network access to all library collections and services,” said Chip Nilges, OCLC Vice President, Business Development.  “OCLC and EBSCO Publishing have worked together on a variety of initiatives to increase access to information for libraries. This agreement signals a new level of collaboration to benefit libraries. It serves as a model for how to create value for the OCLC cooperative by leveraging our resources in strategic and creative partnerships.”

EBSCO and OCLC will work together over the next few months on an implementation plan and timeline for enabling access.