No Shelf Required supports independent authors (and libraries should, too)

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In an effort to draw attention to quality independent literature (fiction and nonfiction published by independent authors and indie publishers) and in agreement with BlueInk Review, NSR has for the past two months highlighted  an author reach week (as recommended to NSR by the editors of BlueInk Review). The goal of these “Book of the Week” features is to give face and voice to the writers out there taking the process of publishing their work with a  dignity, dedication, and professionalism.

In the sea of books that are ‘self-published’ each year (over half a million now), it is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep up with what is out there. It is also becoming increasingly more difficult to keep up with what is good out there. NSR admires the efforts of BlueInk Review to sift through independently-published books and provide unbiased reviews upon request.

Librarians, if you are looking to augment your collections by supporting local authors — or independent authors in general — please note that you can learn about a new independent author to support on NSR each Thursday. We not only link to the review of his or her book on BIR site but also provide comprehensive bios and other necessary background information about each author and the topic of the book.

SELF-e_IndieAuthorDay_Logo_v2Please also note that NSR is a media supporter of Indie Author Day, to take place on October 8th, 2016. Libraries across North America will host events all day long, designed to bring local writing communities together in their libraries and invite them to participate in author panels, book readings and signings, workshops, and presentations. Then, at 2 p.m. EST everyone is invited to join a digital gathering featuring Q&A with writers, agents, and industry leaders that will bring together the larger indie community. More information on Indie Author Day 2016 is available on its official site.

These books and authors have been highlighted so far on NSR [or you may go directly to NSR’s Reviews page].

Unmoored by Jeri Parker

The Olive Picker by Kathryn Brettell

Sunborn Rising: Beneath the Fall by Aaron Safronoff

Danya: A Woman of Ancient Galilee by Anne McGivern

When We Were Invincible by Jonathan Harnisch

Prader-Willi Syndrome by John Hernandez-Storr

Deliver Virtue by Brian Kindall

Grace Period by Melinda Worth Popham


3 thoughts on “No Shelf Required supports independent authors (and libraries should, too)”

  1. Thanks for posting. We are well aware of LJ’s Self-e program. Please note that LJ is an ad-supported magazine (with sponsors from a wide range of vendors, publishers, and others catering to libraries). While any effort by anyone to support independent publishing (purposefully not using the term self-published here) is admirable on any level, it is especially admirable when it’s a small operation run by passionate individuals trying to make a difference. Also, LJ does not pay its reviewers, while other sources do. At least that was not the case when I worked there as an editor/book reviewer (full disclosure!). But, again, any effort to support the writers out there who are doing it on their own terms is to be supported. Best of luck, Mirela Roncevic

  2. You might also want to look at the Library Journal Self-e program in which they curate indie books for the library market. Blue Ink reviews are so expensive that they may be out of reach for most author/publishers and there may be biases inherent in paying for reviews. Self-e is also directly involved in the indie author day planning. You can find the program here:

    Full disclosure: I am an author/publisher and one of my SF novels was chosen as a self-e select title and a book of the year.

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