News Roundup [August 5, 2016]

News Roundup

Each Friday, NSR releases a compilation of news stories related to ebooks, epublishing, elibraries, and digital literacy from around the world. The goal is to help information professionals (of all walks of life) keep up with what is happening in the world of ebooks and econtent beyond the confines of their companies, institutions, countries, and continents.

This is by no means an all-inclusive list of the most important news that occurred this (or any other) week. But it is a curated list, and a way for NSR to not lose sight of the big picture. Here’s the thinking behind what we choose to highlight:

  • focus on diversity and giving equal voice to established news sources as well as to blogs run by independent thinkers
  • promotion of efforts that support digital literacy (in all incarnations)
  • attention to ebook and literacy initiatives in emerging markets
  • strong interest in ideas propelling the industry forward rather than promotions of certain brands
  • strong interest in professionals  challenging the status quo and leading the way

Enjoy this week’s compilation.

Big thanks to @JeffBezos for being my guest on the eighth anniversary of the Kindle Chronicles!

Pocket US Constitution Becomes Amazon Bestseller

If Almost Forty Percent of ABA Members Aren’t Actually Indie Bookstores, Can We Really Say There’s a Revival?

Harry Potter Ebooks Arrive in China, in Both Chinese and English

Mapping the Free Ebook Supply Chain

Entitled: The art of naming without further elaboration or qualification.

Princeton’s Cotsen Library Digitizes Classic Soviet Children’s Books

Hachette Partners with Tapas in Push for Mobile Reading

Hummingbird Adds Audiobook-Only Capability to Platform

Txtr Has Closed, Customers Advised to Transfer Accounts to Juke

A Comic Book Artist Reinvents His Craft For Blind Readers

Blog: Browse Our Redesigned and Updated Digital Collections! – Free Library of Philadelphia

Authors, Please Keep Telling Readers How eBooks Should be Expensive

New Digital Collections Online: Florida Restaurant Menus from University of Miami Libraries

Kindle Unlimited Launches in Japan, Costs 980 Yen a Month

Localized iPad Pro Smart Keyboards Arrive

US Editors Observe Trends in the German Book Market | Riky Stock @GBONewYork #FBM16

Publishers Lose Another Round in GSU Copyright Case

No power or running water – but digital books galore

OverDrive celebrates 30 years as the global leader in digital library content

Tapas Adds Hachette Titles to Its Pay-As-You-Read Comics Platform

The Changing Face of Publishing

You can now read Spanish stories in The New York Times’ Android app

Podcast: The audiobook gets its groove back

Interview with David Blum the Editor of Kindle Singles

Closed for business: Two big things that could penalize your Amazon author account (and how to prevent them)

Do Indies Have to Do Print?

What Do the Financial Reports from the Big Five Book Publishers Tell Us?

Getting Your EBook into Libraries


Access-to-Own Now Available on ProQuest® Ebook Central™ Platform

Ed Note: All titles of the articles listed below appear in the style used in the original sources.]

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