We live in a world where hundreds of thousands of books are published each year (over half a million are self-published in digital format only). We live in a world where millions of books are available in mass quantities to some and in limited quantities to others.  We live in a world where a staggering amount of information (for education as well as entertainment) is produced and consumed every day. And in this world, over 90 percent of the population is not college educated.

For years, publishing and other book professionals, including librarians and educators, around the globe have been resistant to unleash the full potential (and true value) of the digital medium (including ebooks and all electronic resources serving to deliver content for education and entertainment), which is, among other things: to transform the world from one where education and literacy (in all its incarnations) is limited to those in the right place at the right time to one where knowledge flows to all who want it, regardless of their status and location.

While the insistence on preserving the integrity of those who create content professionally is justified, the insistence that one format (digital) is competing with the other (print) is not.

The mission of NSR is to educate, enlighten, and, most important, inspire those who are in one way or another involved with ebooks and digital content of all kinds (e.g., audiobooks, e-journals, e-magazines,videos, etc.) so that the book and library industry around the world can do its part to help spread literacy—the only effective weapon in our collective fight against misinformation, poverty, and inequality.

NSR is particularly interested in stories and projects that help us benefit from the actions of those charting new territories with ebooks and digital content, raising the bar higher, and holding everyone accountable in the process: writers, editors, readers, content producers, distributors, librarians, publishers, and technology companies.

This is a portal where everything related to the present and the future of the book and the written word in digital format is open to discussion. All are welcome to participate and contribute opinions that challenge us to get a step closer to making the world a place where access to education and knowledge is a right, not a privilege, of every individual. Truth is, we’ve already made great strides in the last two decades.

This is also the place where we celebrate literature and art, so while some contributors echo political sentiments about publishing and libraries in their writings, others take us on journeys that celebrate books, authors, films, poetry, and all else that points to the power of imagination to invent and reinvent the experience of being human.

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