Introducing Book Reviews on NSR

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NSR is pleased to announce that starting this week, the site will regularly highlight book reviews published on BlueInk Review‘s web site. We are proud to join forces with BlueInk Review (an effort to provide “serious, unbiased reviews of self-published books”) in drawing more attention to quality independent literature.

Each year hundreds of thousands of books are self-published by aspiring authors, some available in digital format only, others in multiple formats, including print. And each year large numbers of those titles make their way into all sorts of ebook services, many of which are available in libraries.

While NSR wholeheartedly supports the ability of aspiring writers to publish their work independently and distribute it digitally in ways unimaginable just a decade ago, NSR also supports the efforts of the professionals in our industry holding these writers’ hands through the process (editorially speaking, not just technologically), commending their independent efforts as well as encouraging them to improve their writing.

In the grand scheme of e-things, uploading files to various ebook platforms is the easy part. Reviewing those files and offering constructive criticism on the writing in the ‘container’ is not. All who distribute, buy, and consume books should remain aware of that.

NSR is kicking off its Book Reviews section with a spotlight on Jeri Parker’s Unmoored.

More reviewing TK.