Ingram’s Vital Source e-textbook platform available through Blackboard Learn

From a Feb. 14th press release:  Ingram’s Vital Source is now providing access to its leading e-textbook platform through Blackboard Learnâ„¢, one of the most used learning management systems. The Blackboard Building Blockâ„¢ for VitalSource gives institutions a comprehensive tool to implement digital textbooks for students in mobile, online and offline environments.

“We are pleased the VitalSource platform will be available to all Blackboard Learn users worldwide, providing anytime, anywhere access to the content that educators and students use most,” said Kent Freeman, Chief Content Officer, Vital Source Technologies, Inc. “The integration of Ingram’s VitalSource platform into one of the most-used learning management systems will improve the experiences of millions of students worldwide.”

The new Blackboard Building Block for the VitalSource platform developed collaboratively with both educators and publishers, gives higher-ed institutions and their students an efficient and cost-effective way to acquire content from the world’s leading publishers through the Blackboard Learn platform. Through the Building Block, students and educators have immediate, one click access to VitalSource’s comprehensive content library with more than 80,000 titles, and the functionality of the platform, including integrated notes, highlights, annotations and sharing capability through a single sign-on environment.

Using the Building Block, educators can preview and customize content used in courses. Through the functionality of the application, they can also link to required assignments and relevant activities within digital course materials and easily share that information with students. The Building Block supports the Bookshelf® platform for viewing content in any modern browser, as well as downloading to clients on the Macintosh and Windows operating systems, Apple’s iPadâ„¢, iPhone®, iPod Touch® devices, and Android smart phones and tablets.

“Improving the educational experience is at the core of our business,” said Ted Hopper, Vice President of Business Development for Blackboard. “Providing institutions with on-the-go access to interactive and media-rich content and comprehensive digital functionality can only enhance how educators teach and students learn.”

Ingram’s Vital Source continues to grow its set of tools to give educational institutions, publishers, and other places of learning, options to connect their infrastructure to commercial as well as custom electronic and printed content in the platform. The Building Block is available to all institutions on Blackboard Learn 9.1.

A member of Blackboard Partnershipsâ„¢ Program, Vital Source also participates in the Blackboard Developers Networkâ„¢, an innovative community of educational and technical experts with a passion for using technology to enhance teaching and learning.

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