Flood victims in Peru receive free ebooks to continue their education [via ODILO]

From an Odilo press release:

ODILO, the Spanish startup tech/eBook company, will provide all children in Peru with free technology due to the horrible floods that wreaked havoc there at the end of March. ODILO allows for the management, distribution, consumption, auditing, and preservation of all types of digital content (eBooks, audio, video, images, documents, etc.).

The floods primarily impacted the northwest coastal region of Piura, where a third of the population was harmed. In total, over 134 thousand homes were damaged and more than 600 thousand people were affected by the floods. As most of the roads are ruined, over 200,000 children are not able to get to school. The ODILO platform will provide students with access to their necessary materials and other educational content, so they can continue to learn while the country works to repair itself.

“In times of horrible and catastrophic crises like the Peru floods, we are honored to be able to help,” said Rodrigo Rodríguez, ODILO CEO and founder. “The importance of technology is invaluable if it can help ease the pain, trauma, and other extreme situations the children face. Providing an educational alternative with ODILO’s digital content management service is the least we can do.”

As part of this ODILO project, Telefónica Perú, and the Peruvian Ministry of Education expect to improve reading comprehension and digital literacy throughout the country. Through gamification strategies, ODILO’s interactive platform will engage, entertain, and educate all students, along with families and educators.

ODILO, a privately held Spain and USA-based company, was founded in 2011. With millions of end-users worldwide, ODILO offers digital content and technology solutions for the education, library, business, government, tourism, and leisure markets. ODILO has its technology headquarters in Cartagena, Spain, with other offices in Madrid (Spain), Denver (CO), Mexico City (Mexico), and New York, NY. ODILO has large projects in Spain, Chile, Argentina, Australia, and the United States. In Chile, ODILO provides a service in schools which allows students to share, manage, and comment on books being read. In addition, ODILO is engaged with some groundbreaking projects with companies like Iberia Airlines, NH Hotels Group, and Samsung. To learn more, visit www.odilo.us.


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