ebrary releases iOS app for eBooks

An ebrary press release on a new app for offline reading of content – for iOS device.  January 20, 2012 — Palo Alto, CA, USA — The demand for e-book accessibility, especially on mobile devices, is growing significantly.  In ebrary’s 2011 Global Student E-book Survey, announced today and available at http://site.ebrary.com/lib/surveys, 60 percent of respondents indicated that downloading e-books onto mobile devices is “very important” — a 16 percent increase over results from a similar survey that ebrary sponsored in 2008.  In ebrary’s recent Download Survey, librarians marked the iPad® as more important to providing offline access than desktops and laptops.

To meet researchers’ evolving needs, ebrary®, a ProQuest business and leading provider of e-books and research technology, today announced it has launched a new app for the iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®.  Available on the App Store sm, the free new app gives researchers an optimized way to experience authoritative content — both online and offline — from multiple sources.  With ebrary’s new app, researchers can access content on the ebrary platform, including e-books that their librarians acquire from leading publishers and documents uploaded and integrated by librarians with DASH!â„¢(Data Sharing, Fast).  Additionally, researchers can import their own personal research — outside of the ebrary platform — through the app itself.

To make it easier to use ebrary — with or without the app — ebrary also announced the ability for researchers to sign-in with their Facebook usernames and passwords.

“We believe it is our responsibility to keep pace with the progressive ways in which students, professors and other researchers expect to find and use information,” said Kevin Sayar, President and General Manager of ebrary.  “Technology will continue to evolve, and information will continue to surge.  By shipping this new app and extending it to other sources beyond our e-book aggregation, we hope to help researchers more easily access and use the authoritative information they need to be more knowledgeable and productive.”

Key features and benefits of ebrary’s new mobile app include:

  • Freely available with any ebrary product for libraries including Academic Completeâ„¢, which offers a growing selection of more than 70,000 e-books and enables libraries to upload their own content with DASH!
  • Online and offline reading
  • Seamless downloading of full titles
  • Simple and advanced search
  • Multiple navigation controls
  • Table of contents with relevancy rankings
  • Early check-in of ebrary’s e-books
  • Copy and paste with automatic citation for offline documents
  • User configurable download size warnings
  • Import and use documents from other sources
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Sign-in with Facebook user name and password

Demonstrations at ALA

ebrary will demonstrate its new mobile app at ALA Midwinter, January 20-23 in Dallas, Texas, in the ProQuest booth (#2007).