E-Reference Ratings from LJ

LJ just released E-Reference Ratings, “an evaluation of nearly 180 subscription based electronic resources in 14 subject categories.”  Of course, many of these are eBook platforms like Britannica, Credo, GVRL, Oxford, and Sage.   There was no category for eBooks, instead you’ll find them listed under the various subject categories.

Products were reviewed by a team of 8 reference experts and included 7 criteria:  scope, writing, design, linking, bells & whistles, ease of use, value.  Resources were given a star rating, 1 to 4 stars to indicate * poor, ** satisfactory, ***good, ****excellent  A brief paragraph also accompanied each resource.

According to LJ, “Because we know that online resources continually grow and evolvea list of this nature can date quicklyE-Reference Ratings, which made a print debut in the November 15th Reference Announcements issue, will find its permanent home and reach its full potential on our web site. We intend not only to keep up with these ever-changing products (adjusting the ratings as necessary) but also to expand the number of databases in each category and venture into new ones. We hope to hear from all partieslibrarians, publishers, and vendorsabout how we can keep this tool thriving and make it even more useful.”

Congrats LJ!  This was no small feat.�

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  1. Thanks for helping to spread the word, Sue. As I said in my blog post on http://www.LibraryJournal.com yesterday, I have never been more excited about anything else I’ve ever worked on as an editor (and I’ve been around the block). I look forward to working with the “Fab Eight” on updating the online version frequently, adding new products and categories, and even bringing in more contributors over time. My Outlook Inbox is already flooded with requests.
    Mirela Roncevic, LJ Reference editor

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