E-Everything: Putting it All Together, A Charleston Preconference

On Wednesday, November 3rd the 30th Annual Charleston Conference will begin with a series of pre-conferences.  One of them is called E-everything: Putting it All Together.  Details of the program and speakers are listed below.  If you are interested in attending, you can register online.

E-Everything: Putting it All Together
Electronic resources continue to flood the library marketplace at a staggering rate and there is no turning back now.  Libraries are making an effort to accommodate the influx of electronic content while budgets and staffing levels continue to diminish. Publishers are undergoing a paradigm shift, trying to maintain traditional publishing models while experimenting with born digital content.

This full day pre-conference will discuss the current state of electronic resources from both the library and publishing perspectives and offer insight into the E-Everything future. Some of the current issues that will be addressed include access, content integration, technology, and discoverability.  Presentations by librarians and vendors will update you, challenge your thinking, stimulate questions and generate discussion.  Attendees will gain knowledge of the market and get ideas for plugging into the latest and the greatest information technologies for electronic content.


Session 1:  E-Everything: Putting it All Together

Speakers –Peter McCracken – Librarian, Developer and Vendor, Serials Solutions and ShipIndex and Jason Price,  Science Librarian & Manager, Collections & Acquisitions Teams – Claremont Colleges Library, E-Resource Analyst/Consultant — Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium

Session 2:  Content Integration

Speakers – Michael Gorrell, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, EBSCO and James Mouw, Electronic Resources Officer, University of Chicago

Session 3:  Access Models & Technology

Speakers – Lisa Carlucci Thomas, Digital Services Librarian/Southern Conn State University and Stephen Rhind-Tutt, President of Alexander Street Press

Session 4:  E-Content Procurement

Speakers – Emilie Delquie –  Publishers Communication Group and Cory Tucker, Head of Collection Management, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Session 5:  Bridging Discoverability and  Visibility
Speaker – Anh Bui – Executive Publication Manager, Books Products, HighWire Press