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No Shelf Required founder Sue Polanka gets an award for contribution to academic libraries in Ohio

Sue Polanka

It is such a pleasure to publish a post here on NSR about our very own Sue Polanka, the academic librarian from Wright State University (OH), who has been instrumental in transforming the coverage of ebooks in libraries and who, in fact, founded and launched No Shelf Required almost (hard to believe) ten years ago. The blog quickly became THE site on all things ebooks for librarians of all walks of life: public, school, and academic.

As noted on WSU’s site, Sue was honored by her peers for her contributions to the university and with academic libraries in Ohio. She received the Jay Ladd Distinguished Service Award from the Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO) at its annual conference on Oct. 27 in Columbus.

The award recognizes an individual who has promoted academic libraries and librarianship around Ohio and who has provided leadership in the promotion of the association through service, including committee membership, executive board office or interest group office.

“No one wins these awards alone. I couldn’t have accomplished all I have without the support of my colleagues at Wright State and so many talented librarians across Ohio and beyond,” Sue said.

An expert on ebooks, Polanka is the editor of several books and publications on ebooks including “No Shelf Required: E-books in Libraries,” “No Shelf Required II: The Use and Management of Electronic Books” and “E-Content in Libraries: Marketplace Perspectives.” She was also a columnist for EBook Buzz in Online Magazine and Off The Shelf in Booklist. She was named a Library Journal Mover and Shaker in 2011.

I had the privilege of collaborating with Sue many times and on several projects over the years (we edited a book together, worked on a quarterly journal together, etc.) and I consider her one of the most knowledgeable librarians around. I also consider her a dear friend.

It is an absolute honor to carry on the mission of No Shelf Required (which she entrusted me with two years ago) and to be part of its story.

Sue, congratulations. Well deserved.

No Shelf Required is now on Facebook

Dear NSR readers,

As our readership grows and our columnists’ views expand beyond libraries and beyond the confines of the book industry, we launched our Facebook page today to reach more readers and book professionals around the world.

As you may know, NSR has been around for almost a decade but it’s taken us a while to start a Facebook page (as if maintaining Twitter feeds over the years hasn’t been hectic enough; forgive us, there is only so much social media one can take).

Our Facebook page will include much of the content published on NSR but it will go beyond and hopefully become THE PLACE where so much insightful dialog takes place it leads us in the direction of a better future for the book — one where books and knowledge are accessible to all beyond the confines of institutions (because some of us are dreamers who believe in the power of ebooks to do that). NSR will also remain the place where we keep an eye on the present and the ever-evolving book and ebook landscape (because some of us are realists with a deep understanding of the complexities of the book and library market today).

The Facebook presence will also help us reach deeper into the communities where access to books and knowledge is limited or hardly exists. Groundbreaking initiatives that push the limits of what is possible, such as what we accomplished with Croatia Reads last year (when we turned the entire country of Croatia into an open library) remain closest to our hearts and we hope to do more of those soon.

Let’s passionately agree and respectfully disagree on the future of the book. Let’s stumble and fall. Let’s try and learn. What a privilege it is for all of us to live in such interesting times for books and the written word.

Thanks for liking us on Facebook. Thanks, especially, for following us on Twitter and subscribing to our feeds all these years. Onward and upward.


Are you a ‘reader’ when listening to an audiobook? Yes, of course.

audiobooksThere is really no need to recite numerous reports that have come out recently correlating audiobooks with reading success of children and young adults. There is also no need to convince librarians and publishers that listening is learning and that listening is synonymous with literacy. Those who have been on the frontlines know the benefits of audiobooks and listening to the spoken word.

However, many people outside the library and publishing industry still believe that listening to audiobooks is a form of cheating and not really the same thing as reading.  This is puzzling. All one needs to do to dispel this belief is think back in time and consider how people passed on knowledge to each other for generations. Did they all have the privilege to access urban libraries for books? Or money to buy books on their own? Did they even have a bookstore or library anywhere in the vicinity of where they lived? How did they learn exactly? Continue reading Are you a ‘reader’ when listening to an audiobook? Yes, of course.

Interested in publishing an opinion piece on No Shelf Required? Read on.

No Shelf Required® is an online portal on all things ebooks and econtent and for all reading, writing, publishing, curating, and distributing books and other content in digital format, including authors, editors, publishers, librarians, content developers, distributors, retailers, and educators.

Contributions welcome

In addition to its regular news posts, NSR has recently expanded its coverage to include reviews and opinion pieces written by industry insiders of all walks of life: writers, editors, librarians, publishers, vendors, independent authors, and entrepreneurs, to name a few.  Some creatively draw our attention to the issues (e.g., the ridiculousness of “waits” and “holds” in libraries when patrons check out ebooks), while others offer sobering perspectives on what various statistics tell us about the state of the publishing industry. And this industry includes all who produce, consume, distribute, and curate books in digital formatand not only books but all content, including audiobooks, magazines and newspaper, learning resources, databases, etc.

The goal of each opinion piece (800-1000 words) must be aligned with the mission of the portal: to focus on ideas, discuss trends, point to possible reasons why things are the way they are, and offer solutions to what seems to be holding us back from transforming the world from one that ‘struggles’ with ebooks to the one that fully embraces them. Contributors  address a specific audience as both insiders and outsiders with clear arguments and purpose (please read NSR Mission page for more information on Editor’s vision). Continue reading Interested in publishing an opinion piece on No Shelf Required? Read on.

Introducing Book Reviews on NSR

NSR Book Reviews logo - Copy

NSR is pleased to announce that starting this week, the site will regularly highlight book reviews published on BlueInk Review‘s web site. We are proud to join forces with BlueInk Review (an effort to provide “serious, unbiased reviews of self-published books”) in drawing more attention to quality independent literature.

Each year hundreds of thousands of books are self-published by aspiring authors, some available in digital format only, others in multiple formats, including print. And each year large numbers of those titles make their way into all sorts of ebook services, many of which are available in libraries.

While NSR wholeheartedly supports the ability of aspiring writers to publish their work independently and distribute it digitally in ways unimaginable just a decade ago, NSR also supports the efforts of the professionals in our industry holding these writers’ hands through the process (editorially speaking, not just technologically), commending their independent efforts as well as encouraging them to improve their writing.

In the grand scheme of e-things, uploading files to various ebook platforms is the easy part. Reviewing those files and offering constructive criticism on the writing in the ‘container’ is not. All who distribute, buy, and consume books should remain aware of that.

NSR is kicking off its Book Reviews section with a spotlight on Jeri Parker’s Unmoored.

More reviewing TK.