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Kindle Books Now Available at over 11,000 Local Libraries

Picked up this news from Nate Hoffelder’s tweet (@thDigitalReader)

From the Amazon Press Release (9/21): today announced that Kindle and Kindle app customers can now borrow Kindle books from more than 11,000 local libraries in the United States. When a customer borrows a Kindle library book, they’ll have all of the unique features they love about Kindle books, including Whispersync, which automatically synchronizes their margin notes, highlights and bookmarks, real page numbers, Facebook and Twitter integration, and more. For more information about borrowing library books for your Kindle or free Kindle apps, go to To start checking out Kindle library books, visit your local library’s website. Continue reading Kindle Books Now Available at over 11,000 Local Libraries

Kindle library lending in beta

Kindle library lending is in beta at two public libraries – King County Library System and the Seattle Public Library. (See article in Seattle Times).  News and instructions have been posted on various blogs and articles, but yesterday Library Journal‘s Mike Kelley reported, “Andra Addison, the director of Seattle PL’s communication office, said the library was not publicizing its testing because “It is embargoed until it is available to all partners.”

Nate Hoffelder at The Digital Reader has been closely following any news of Kindle library lending.  He has a really good post about the new service on his blog.

Here is a clip:

“Neither Amazon nor OverDrive have announced anything, and in fact I’m still waiting to hear back from my contacts at Overdrive. But I do know that Amazon’s help pages now refer to the library ebooks as a current feature, and OverDrive already list the Kindle as having beta support. The service is indeed live. Continue reading Kindle library lending in beta

Blio and Axis 360 from Baker & Taylor, an interview with Michael Bills

Last week I interviewed Michael Bills,  Director for Sales, Digital Products,  from Baker & Taylor about their eReader software, Blio.  Michael discussed the functionality of Blio and discussed Axis 360, a hosting and circulation platform for the Blio reader.

For more information on blio, visit

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Afictionado – a new ebook subscription service in the UK

Just picked up the news of yet another eBook subscription service on eBookNewser blog today.  This time, it’s Afictionado, which will launch in the UK in January, 2012.  According to their website, they are hoping to offer the service in other countries soon.  Here is more information from the Afictionado website:

“Welcome to a new way of reading. Afictionado is a fresh new website where you can borrow ebooks for your computer, tablet, smartphone or ebook reader. Browse our online library and choose from thousands of titles. Read sample chapters to get a feel for your favourites. And then borrow the ones you want. It couldn’t be simpler!

Afictionado will be launching in January 2012. In the meantime, you can find out all about us by taking a look around this website. Continue reading Afictionado – a new ebook subscription service in the UK

eBook subscription services – are libraries screwed?

Earlier this week Amazon announced it was “thinking about” providing eBooks as a subscription service to it’s Prime members.  According to the Washington Post, “The online retailer is reportedly thinking about making a subscription library service available to Amazon Prime members, adding book rentals to the $79 per year service that now offers online video and an unlimited deal on two-day shipping. The rental subscription, described in the report as a Netflix-like service for books, would offer older titles, and the company would limit the amount of books users could read for free every month.”

Earlier today, eBook Newser blog reported on an announcement for the forthcoming launch of a subscription eBooks service, Afictionado.  From the blog post,  “Afictionado is scheduled to launch in January of 2012, and according to the site it’s only going to serve the UK market. There’s no word yet on which publishers will be participating, but at the very least you will be able to find Macmillan eBooks offered by the service.” Continue reading eBook subscription services – are libraries screwed?

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Sony’s new 6″ Reader Wi-Fi to offer wireless connectivity to public library systems

From PR Newswire, August 31st:

Sony today announced the launch of the lightest touch screen 6″ eReader device ever, Reader Wi-Fi (PRS-T1), providing the most natural and immersive reading experience yet for book lovers. The new Reader Wi-Fi builds on the popularity of last year’s line, while reducing size and weight and incorporating new and enhanced features. At under 6 ounces and with a 6″ E-Ink® Pearl V220 touch screen, Reader Wi-Fi is smaller than an average paperback book, can easily fit into a bag or pocket and is available in three color choices: black, red or white.

As part of Sony’s continued effort to support the Public Library System, Reader Wi-Fi will also be the first eReader to offer wireless connectivity to the public library system in the US and Canada via a dedicated icon on the device to allow easy and convenient borrowing of free e-books with a valid library card. Readers can access and download over 2.5 million titles via a Wi-Fi connection from Reader Store or shop from a wide range of bookstores and other websites that provide books in digital formats compatible with Reader Wi-Fi, such as EPUB, PDF and TXT. Continue reading Sony’s new 6″ Reader Wi-Fi to offer wireless connectivity to public library systems

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British Library’s 19th Century Historical Collection App now offers 45K titles

This was announced back in June but the collection has grown significantly since that date.  It now includes 45K titles, up from 19K.  Here is more from the press release:

BiblioLabs, LLC and the British Library have launched their British Library 19th Century Historical Collection App for iPad — now available on the App Store. The App was announced in June with an initial offering of a thousand 19th century books — it now makes some 45,000 titles available to subscribers, expanding to over 60,000 titles by the end of the year.

For just £1.99 a month in the UK [$2.99 a month, US and rest of the world] users will be able to explore historical and antiquarian books that range from classic novels to original accounts by Victorian travellers, and from science and exploration to poetry, memoir and military history. Continue reading British Library’s 19th Century Historical Collection App now offers 45K titles

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Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble, Google Books remove in-app purchasing from iOS apps

Apple’s new in-app selling rules are in effect, requiring retailers to give Apple 30% of revenues from book sales.  As a result, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Google Books have stopped selling books through their apps.  SONY’s app was rejected back in February for the same reasons.  There’s lots of news coverage, a few are linked below:

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New Jersey eBook Summit Summary – part two

Please note that the part two blog post has now been added to the New Jersey eBook Summit Summary.

Today the NJ State Library, LinbraryLinkNJ- The NJ Library Cooperative, NJ Library Association and the NJLA Reference Section sponsored an E-book Summit in Eatontown, New Jersey.  The line-up of speakers included:

  • Eli Neiburger, Ann Arbor District Library
  • Sue Polanka, Wright State University Library & No Shelf Required
  • Robert Miller, Director of Books, Internet Archive
  • Mary Minow, Attorney, Consultant, and Former Librarian
  • Joseph Sanchez, University of Colorado – Denver Continue reading New Jersey eBook Summit Summary – part two