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The world’s first virtual reality book series launches exclusively at Walmart

Reading continues to evolve right before our eyes. We saw this coming, and now it’s arrived. A children’s book series which combines traditional print with AR and VR to drive engagement and to ultimately get today’s young readers to read in ways native to them (not us). This means using technology to bring literature to them  with a whole new approach.–Ed.

From Quantum Storey Company, Inc.

An exciting new children’s publishing venture is launching exclusively today at Walmart that will combine the tradition of illustrated printed books with the dynamic, self-directed action of virtual reality. The Quantum Storey Company, publisher of the disruptive, new book series, Operation YOU®, which insightfully addresses the highs and lows of growing up today, is hitting the shelves exclusively at Walmart, reaching millions of families in time for the holiday season.

Blending “old school” and new, Quantum Storey’s new category of Virtual Reality Books have the potential to transform both the publishing and nascent augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) content markets.

Watch promotional video here.

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The [powerful] connection between digitalization, creativity and society

An interesting discussion is taking place in the Frankfurt Book Fair circles. This press release hints at the opportunities afforded to society through digitalization, To understand it fully, it helps to understand what THE ARTS+ is about.  It is “a fair, business festival and international meeting place for the culture and creative industries,” which launched in October 2016 during the Frankfurt Book Fair and will return in October 2017.

The goal is to exploit the potential of digitalization for creative content and to develop new business areas. International artists, opinion leaders and experts will present at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair innovative approaches from the fields of publishing, museums, architecture and design, brands and agencies.

Publishing professionals and librarians can draw inspiration from such discussions as they may lead them in the direction of new partnerships, collaborations, and initiatives with ebooks and econtent, particularly (but not limited to) those promoting visual arts. Continue reading The [powerful] connection between digitalization, creativity and society