Califa forms ongoing agreement to bring Total Boox to California libraries

Total Boox, the ebook service that offers unlimited simultaneous access while minimizing cost with payment based on actual reading, and the Califa Library Group, the consortium of California public libraries, have announced that Califa will continue reselling the Total Boox service to its members following the conclusion of a pilot period. Califa members will receive a discount on Total Boox, making it even more affordable to them.

Total Boox provides a collection of nearly 100,000 titles from reputable publishers, and libraries pay only for actual reading that their patrons do. This allows the library to expand its ebook collection from bestsellers-only to cover many areas of nonfiction and specialized fiction that it normally cannot provide.

Because the Total Boox collection is available to patrons instantly, and the books do not expire or have to be returned, this makes the library experience competitive with the retail experience that sets the standard for what library patrons expect. At the same time, the unique business model keeps costs low. Unlike pay-per-download, the Total Boox model is based on the percentages of books that patrons actually read, so the library pays a fraction of what it would pay with any other business model.

“The new Califa agreement is a staunch proof of trust. While the pilot agreement was about building the service, this new agreement comes after tens of thousand of California library patrons have successfully made Total Boox part of their daily lives,” said Yoav Lorch CEO and Founder of Total Boox. “No other ebook service can offer our absolute freedom of access, our quality catalog, and at such a reasonable price point. We bring our full collection to libraries small, medium or large, and play an important role in closing the painful Digital Divide. Librarians and patrons of top libraries including San Jose, Palo Alto, and Oakland find our service indispensable and affordable. We look forward to working with more California libraries.”​

About Total Boox

Total Boox is led by a team of entrepreneurs with backgrounds in publishing, technology, and libraries. Its innovative reading-centric service makes ebooks instantly available to library patrons with no limitations, holds, or expirations, thus eliminating frustrations libraries and patrons have faced with ebooks: limited availability, prohibitive cost, and inferior user experience. Total Boox partners with hundreds of well-known publishers from the U.S. and beyond, empowering them to monetize front, mid- and backlist titles through reading by library patrons who would otherwise be unlikely to have access to their books. Its titles may be accessed on most devices, and its state-of-the-art reading app is consistently ranked by librarians as the most user-friendly on the market. For more information about Total Boox, contact

About Califa

Califa is a nonprofit library membership consortium of over 230 libraries. It is the largest library network in California.