Book of the Week: Eagles and Hawks and Also People as Well (Frank Marcopolos)

In an effort to draw attention to quality self-published literature and in agreement with BlueInk Review, NSR highlights reviews published on BIR’s site each week, including a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction. This week’s pick:

Eagles and Hawks and Also People as Well

A young man with the weight of the world resting on his shoulders is the focus of the excellent novel Eagles and Hawks and Also People as Well by veteran author Frank Marcopolos.

Enzo Prinziatta’s father has died unexpectedly, his girlfriend is pregnant, and he’s trying to decide whether to pursue his dream of playing major league baseball or to settle down and quietly raise his new family in his home town of New Paltz, New York.

It’s a lot for a stressed-out college senior to assimilate, made more difficult when a painful title game loss spells the end of a once-bright season for New Paltz. For Enzo, it marks the beginning of a pivotal period in which he is forced to question his long-held Catholic convictions as well as his single-minded devotion to baseball. Continue reading the review here.

About the Author

“I’ve been a book nerd ever since my mom took me to the Flatbush Avenue branch of the New York Public Library during a campaign somebody was putting on called “Reading is FUN-damental.” That’s when I got hooked on reading, age 6 or so, lost in a library, surrounded by words. And I haven’t ever really gotten rid of the “book bug,” either. These days, I’m an author, podcaster, and audiobook narrator living in central Texas without a pet. ‘Read as much as possible.’ That’s my motto.” –Frank Marcopolos

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