BISG Study – 7% of eBook downloads are from a library

The Book Industry Study Group, along with a variety of corporate sponsors, launched a study in late 2009 about consumer attitudes toward e-book reading.  Consumers were asked a series of questions in Nov. 2009, Jan. 2010 and again in July 2010.  Some initial results were released during a twitter #followreader discussion hosted by O’Reilly TOC.  The following is an excerpt from the TOC post:  (note that “library” is reported for 7% of ebook downloads) (after original post found out that Kelly from BISG said that library downloads are so much in their infancy they don’t have a large enough sample.  They hope to do a survey soon regarding this.)

Some of the interesting facts and figures from the forthcoming release of “Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading” that Kelly previewed during #FollowReader:

  • Places where ebooks are downloaded: Amazon still holds the top spot @ 61% – B&N has 20% Library 7% Sony 5% 10% etc
  • Right now Kindle holds the top spot for devices @ 40% – just passed the PC/laptop in the last survey @39%
  • Almost all PC / Laptop are .pdf still
  • Nearly half (49%) of ereading devices continue to be acquired as a gift from someone else
  • Cost of entry is still the top reason people who read ebooks have not switched to a device.
  • Among ebook buyer, print is definitely losing ground – nearly 50% of ebook readers now say they are buying exclusively or almost exclusively ebooks/ 49% indicate they either MOSTLY or Exclusively purchase ebooks
  • 38% of those indicating first ebook purchase say they started within the last 6 months.
  • Half of all ebooks being acquired today are ‘free’ e-books”
  • When asked of e-book buyers if they would wait 3 months for the e version of their favorite author, about a third said they would just buy the hardcover… and a third said they would wait.
  • About a third of readers indicate they do not like DRM – More men than women indicate that DRM is a problem
  • iPad use so far indicates that it will be for the casual multi-function device person… not as many Heavy Buyers/Readers…
  • Those who are reading on the iPad interestingly do not report eyestrain as a problem… again though not heavy readers mostly
  • Genre popularity: fiction still dominates as top genre at 75%. How to guides… dropped 8% to 17% ; comics and graphic novels have jumped 6pts to 15% (thanks IPAD)… textbooks still low at 11%
  • At least 55% of ebook readers are now buying multiple genres
  • Purchases of ebooks direct from publisher sites has dropped 4pts to 7% since the last fielding (between January and July)
  • 21% of those responding in the study indicated they were very likely to by a new ereader for themselves
  • 9% indicated they were very likely to buy a new ereader as a gift for someone else in next 2 months
  • Of those who own devices today 44% indicated they received their device (purchase or gift) in past 6 months
  • Top identifiable place people hear about ebooks via B&M Bookstores!!! @7%; Followed by Social Networks @6%; Blogs @5%; and Online Banner ads; 2% indicate they heard of the ebook they purchased through a twitter update!

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  1. Thanks for mention of #FollowReader, spolanka.
    I meant to include Kelly’s comment that “library is still so much in it’s infancy we dont have large enough sample,” but they are looking to commission a study with Library Journal.

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