Ask An Aggregator…. Would You?

If you had top executives from 4 academic eBook aggregators in the same room, what would you ask them?  Seriously, I need to know.  One of the Lively Lunch sessions at the XXX Annual Charleston Conference is an open forum with academic eBook aggregators from ebrary, EBL, Ingram, and NetLibrary.   I’m looking for suggestions on questions to ask these individuals.  I’m moderating and want to make this as informative and interesting as I can!

When:  Friday, November 5th

Where:  XXX Annual Charleston Conference

Session description:  In this Town Hall setting, executives from the major academic ebook aggregators will be put on the  spot and asked a variety of questions about the purchasing, licensing, and access of ebooks.  Exclusive licenses, business models, pricing points, interface development, and the implementation of ebook readers are just some of the topics that will be presented to the panel.  Audience members can take part in the program as well, by asking pointed questions and sharing the challenges of ebook purchasing and access with the executives.

Panelists:  Kevin Sayar, President, ebrary
Kari Paulson, President, EBL   
Michael Gorrell,  Senior VP and Chief Information  Officer, EBSCO
Rich Rosy, VP and General Manager, Ingram Library Services

4 thoughts on “Ask An Aggregator…. Would You?”

  1. Would they be willing to cooperate with each other to standardize and simplify their metadata submission requirements to enable publishers to get more ebooks into the mix?

  2. Is anyone tracking which publishers or distributors are not taking reasonable steps to make popular e-books available through libraries? Are any doing such a good job that we should publicly praise them?

    Love No Shelf Required!

  3. How are they encouraging publishers to really step up simultaneous publication of e-books with their print counterparts?

  4. Interface development – do any of them have anything in the works along the lines of an API that would allow the information to be used with third party sites, e.g. Goodreads, library subject guides, etc.?

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