Adobe eBook Platform Webinar

I attended the Adobe eBook Platform webinar today.  Some notes and thoughts are below:

Dave Dickson, Product Manager, was the primary speaker

Publishers want to produce eBooks in a single file format, but consumers want to purchase the eBook in the format of their choice

Adobe’s role – to be an enabler.  Publishers author in either pdf or epub, use adobe’s content server 4 (pdf,epub) and deliver in either adobe digital editions or the reader mobile software for multiple devices.

Adobe InDesign demoed – (step one)

  • Showed the reflowable aspects of EPUB and XML and inserted images, videos, and other multimedia files.
  • EPUB export function built in to InDesign CS4.
  • EPUBGen – demos EPUB from different perspectives
  • EPUBCheck – EPUB validator
  • EPUBPreflight – preflight en masse to see if images are too big or files are empty.

Content Server 4- (step two)  some components operated by Adobe (activation/license signing), others at one’s server level (encryption, fulfillment – all that good DRM stuff).  Content protection for secure distribution with a content server on a java server.  If companies/libraries can’t support this on their end, there are 3rd parties to help. Can run multiple eBooks files through at once. This is not necessary to use, if you don’t require any limitations/protections on the content, then this step can be eliminated.  CS4 Pricing – based on usage with a one time license fee and annual subscription for support/maintenance/upgrades.  Can evaluate the CS4 service for 30 days.

Delivery – (step three) desktop or mobile.  Desktop through Digital Editions v. 1.7.

Digital Editions – free desktop client, supports PDF and EPUB. Some language support, bookmarking, highlighting, notes, a/v.  Does not support read aloud – it is HIGH on their development plan.

Reader Mobile 9SDK – ereaders or smartphones, tethered or wireless, works with lots of licensees – ie. plenty of devices.  Support over 20 eBook reading devices now, many others are evaluating the SDK for their device. 60 days to evaluate source code here, after completing an online survey.

nook uses Adobe Reader Mobile SDK so other devices that use the ARMSDK are able to read content purchased from B&N.  They also use the content server – I guess that’s where those nice encryption features for lending to friends come into play.

Lots of questions on the iphone.  Several companies are developing apps (based on AMRSDK) but none have been released yet.

Amazon has licensed the SDK for use on DX but not the mobi format.